WTF is happening on the Main Green?

Free hugs from a nice Dalmatian! — Max Godnick / Blog Daily Herald

There is an absolutely awesome Brown Fire Safety booth on the Main Green right now that everyone should try to check out.  Not only is there an adorable fire dog mascot (above), but you can also use a fire extinguisher to put out a real life fire!!  See image after the jump…

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Apparently Geoducks are “Weirder” than Bears

HuffPo’s brand spanking new College section posted a great slideshow of the “Weirdest School Mascots.” While RISD’s giant phallus “Scrotie” made the list, our beloved Bear seems to have been overlooked.  Also making the list were the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs of Pulp Fiction fame and Scottsdale Community College’s Artie the Fighting Artichoke.  Anyone else down to start a petition to change our mascot to a giant clam?