Selfies and politics with the 3 mayoral candidates

Providence has seen better days, and the three mayoral candidates know it. Regardless of the outcome of the election, it’s very clear that the winner’s term in office will be geared towards fixing the city’s unemployment problem and stimulating the growth of small businesses. How they plan on doing that differs on technicalities, but as of now, Jorge Elorza (D) leads the polls 10 points ahead of political legend, Buddy Cianci (I). I was fortunate enough to “meet” the three candidates, and even though our interactions were not very politically focused, I did pick up on a few key traits of their’s that may or may not be relevant to your decision in the voting booth tomorrow.

Jorge Elorza (D)

Elorza, the frontrunner, had a hot date at Sakura on Friday, September 26th. I was out celebrating my birthday, and couldn’t help but notice he was nearby. He was nice enough to dish out a hand shake and a smile, but it was immediately very clear that the lady came first. After he made it obvious that he wanted his privacy, I had to take this stealth selfie (stelfie?) as evidence.

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