BlogDH Goes Abroad: Sampling the SuperBurger

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… another McDonald’s promotional product!

Fresh on the heels of their superhumanly nasty BatBurger, the McDonald’s restaurants of Hong Kong are continuing their Justice League-themed food items with the Superman Honey Mustard Chicken Burger! While it seems unlikely that the Man of Steel would choose to consume a lean white meat like chicken over more substantial red meats like beef and pork, we nonetheless sent our Hong Kong correspondent (Ed. – This is a thing now) to try the sandwich and, just like mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, get the inside scoop.

The “SuperBurger” (not quite as clever as the BatBurger, but still) can be purchased individually or with a meal that includes a bubblegum-flavored McFloat and “potato cheese balls” side. The options will run you HK $20 or $34, respectively (US $2.58/$4.39). Just like the Bat-meal, the meal comes in colorful boxes decorated with the Superman logo. Continue Reading

BlogDH Goes Abroad: Sampling the BatBurger

Bat Burger

After his fictional hometown and stomping grounds of Gotham City, there are few metropolitan areas with whom Batman shares more of a bond than the real-life city of Hong Kong. He leaps from the top of the iconic IFC tower in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, has inspired legions of Occupy Central protesters clad in his signature black and yellow color scheme, and – perhaps most importantly – spurred the recent creation of a limited edition “Diner Double Beef'” burger available at McDonald’s restaurants located in the Hong Kong SAR.

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An overpass in the protest district of Admiralty, Hong Kong

In the wake of President Paxson’s controversial comments on superheroes last year, we at BlogDailyHerald decided it was absolutely essential that our Hong Kong correspondent sample the Diner Double Beef and rule on whether it’s truly a dish fit for the Caped Crusader himself.

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The Diner Double beef costs HK$ 30.80 (slightly under $4 US) – a full meal, with accompanying “squeezy cheese fries” and “apple-green tea,” will run you HK$ 37.80 ($4.87 US). The burger comes in a snazzy box emblazoned with the Bat-mask (is that the term for his mask? it should be), as do the squeezy cheese fries.

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The BatBurger (McDonald’s, you’re welcome to use this title for your next campaign) comes with two beef patties, an egg patty, a slice of cheese, and onions. Sauces include steak sauce and a white sauce that tastes like a cross between Big Mac special sauce and tartar sauce – whatever that may be called. The Squeezy Cheese Fries are french fries, bacon bits, and “squeezy’ cheese.” The Apple Green Tea is green tea, flavored with apple and served with ice.

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