A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: After \ Devouring: An Evening of Dance by Sarah Friedland ’14 and Nadia Hannan ’14


Looking for a cool thing you shouldn’t miss?  Check out the premiere of two new dance pieces, “After the Multiplex” and “The Process of Devouring,” choreographed by Sarah Friedland and Nadia Hannan respectively.  The performances are presented as a component of Sarah’s Modern Culture and Media honors thesis and a continuation of Nadia’s Performance Studies capstone.  Attention new sophomore concentrators in MCM and Performance Studies: if Heavy Petting failed to calm your post-declaration anxiety, this might be just the event to reassure your sorting-hat-determined decision.

The choreographers were kind enough to share with BlogDH some information about their respective works after the jump.

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Providence French Film Festival now playing


The Providence French Film Festival, co-sponsored by the MCM Department, is running through Sunday at the Cable Car Cinema (204 Main Street, down the Hill and just in front of the river). As reluctant as I am to endorse anything MCM-related – I’m still a little worried that the French film I saw Sunday comes with required theoretical readings on the psychosexual motivations of the animated characters – this is the place to be if you consider yourself artsy or trendy or hipster or none of those things but still someone who likes cool shit. The festival is screening 18 different movies two times each (although it has been happening since the 21st and a few have already ended their runs), and most of them are critically acclaimed.

Also, if you’ve never been to a movie at the Cable Car, as I hadn’t, you should just get the hell down there whether or not you like reading subtitles or hearing yourself described as a “Francophile” (i.e. whether you care about French film). It is one of the most delightful theater-going experiences – perhaps the most delightful – that I’ve ever enjoyed. Any venue that can replace previews with an ad for their Kickstarter to purchase digital projection and seem even cuter for doing so must have some kind of inexplicable magic about it. Plus, there’s a full-fledged cafe inside that serves a number of self-described “Good Eats” (they are indeed good). So go. And go now, so you can tell your parents you’re a cultured Ivy League student who does shit like go to the “Providence French Film Festival.”

The French Film Festival runs through Sunday, March 3. The full schedule can be found here

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Jeffrey Eugenides is stalking me (or how ‘The Marriage Plot’ is all too real)

Last October, Jeffrey Eugenides ’83, author of Middlesex and The Virgin Suicides, published The Marriage Plot, a novel that follows Brown students from their 1982 Commencement through their following year in the harsh real world. Although the ensuing literary hoopla has subsided, I still haven’t forgotten the relatively extreme existential crisis the book triggered in me.

I’d picked up a copy at the Brown Bookstore and settled into a Blue Room sofa. As I flipped through the pages, moving through the Commencement-day flashbacks, it slowly began to dawn on me that I was messing with the fabric of time and space. I WAS A CHARACTER IN THE MARRIAGE PLOT EVEN AS I PERUSED IT. How did Jeffrey Eugenides know my life?

“Ok, calm down,” I reminded myself. “First of all, it’s set in the 1980s. Secondly, Eugenides went to Brown, so obviously he’d know the day-to-day existence of an average student.” But I still couldn’t shake the feeling he was writing about me. Consider the evidence:

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Anyone Still Wondering: WTF happened with the Brian Moynihan Speech?

Picture from Initial Attempts at BlogDH Post

Monday afternoon, BlogDailyHerald had plans to put up a post about Brian Moynihan ’81’s, CEO of Bank of America, coming to speak at Brown.  Just before we published the post, a variety of writers received an influx of emails from various TA’s, friends, and strangers on the street that the speech, which had been publicized by flyers around the campus, was in fact a hoax.

While this may seem slightly alarming, there is a precedent for this kind of widespread duping of Brown University by Brown University.  In October 2010, a letter was posted in Keeney announcing the impending installation of surveillance cameras throughout the quad. Also a hoax, this experiment had been part of an MCM class, MCM1700: “Techniques of Surveillance” (taught by Mark Tribe), in order to see how people reacted to knowing they were being watched.

This semester, Tribe is teaching MCM1700P: “Radical Media.” The course investigates the way in which media can facilitate social action and become part of political discourse (lolz, MCM). One of the projects for the class is described on the course wiki page as requiring students take on a “socially engaged project,” record its results on video and post it online. Is anyone else getting déjà vu?

Movies that Should Be Remade at Brown

Every now and then, I see a movie I wish I could get my hands on and remake with my own flair.  The movie doesn’t have to be unexpectedly bad, it just needs to be open to some re-envisioning.  Hey, the lives of armchair directors may be comfy and covered with a thin layer of Cheeto dust, but that doesn’t mean we’re wrong.  And since we’re at a school with a rich creative history, we can take our musing a step further and say, “I should totally remake this at Brown.”

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The Netflix Files: September 20, 2011

If you still possess a Netflix account, yesterday you received a sad, sad email from CEO Reed Hastings. Mine began: “Dear Michael, I messed up. I owe you an apology.” The message proceeds to explain that Netflix had not anticipated such negative feedback to its recent change in price structure. It further informs the subscriber that DVDs will no longer be mailed under the Netflix name — now, mail service will operate through “Qwikster.”

The pricing hasn’t changed this time around (both services still cost the same as before, but now cannot be combined on credit card statements), yet the move certainly doesn’t help the company’s image. Especially since the Twitter name “Qwikster” is already taken, and by this guy:

The lovable, hungry-as-shyt Jason Castillo has received over 10,000 followers since Hastings announced the new name. Netflix has offered him $1k for his account, but Blockbuster is probably offering him more to keep it.

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