Apply to be a Meiklejohn for 2014-2015


A new semester has begun, and Meiklejohns are back in action, continuing to help freshmen navigate the difficult and, at times, anxiety-inducing world of Banner. If you are experiencing awe and envy at the sight of Meiks guiding their designated disciples and feel like you have helpful advice (and a shoulder for crying on), hesitate no further: Apply to be a Meiklejohn for the Class of 2018! The Meik Leadership Committee is holding information sessions on Tuesday (1/28), Wednesday (1/29), and Thursday (1/30) at 7 p.m. in Wilson 101 (and yes, there is free Kabob and Curry involved). Applications are due Tuesday, February 11th at noon and can be found here. Remember, success will mean the ownership of a bright and punny t-shirt.

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Frosh-cessities: Meiks in the Unit and tips for pre-registration

It’s that time of year again: registration. For me, a first-semester freshman, registration brings back memories of the following: frantically—and unsuccessfully—trying to log in to Banner, coming to the sad realization that the classes I wanted were full after I had finally connected to the Internet, and sending out pathetic, desperate emails to professors that I had never spoken to before. If this sounds familiar to you, don’t worry. This semester, Meiklejohns are here to hold our hands throughout the process.


Tonight, the Meiklejohns are holding a special pre-registration event called “Meiks in the Unit” to answer any last minute questions we freshmen might have. The Meiks will be set up in the Arnold and Mo-Champ lounges from 7-9 p.m. to help you handle the imminent doom of pre-registration. It’s a great opportunity to talk to people who have gone through the hellish experience of registration before. The Meiks who will be present are also well-versed in a wide range of subjects, so don’t think you won’t find any help if you have a unique concentration!

Huge bonus: they are serving free KABOB AND CURRY. If any freshman (or human) is unaware of this fine establishment, know that Kabob and Curry is a delicious restaurant Thayer. Yelp gives it 4 out of 5 stars. Need I say more? (Tips for pre-reg after the jump.) Continue Reading

5 things every Brown student can learn from Cleverbot


We get it, sometimes college life can be a little stressful. Trying to balance your work, sleep, and social life can be challenging, especially when you throw extracurriculars and other various obligations into the mix. Sometimes you want advice and you need it now. Some of us are tired of nervously waiting on academic advisors, Meiklejohns, family members, and friends to come to our aid. Welcome to the future of instant advising at your fingertips: meet Cleverbot.

Here are some things that we’ve learned from Cleverbot:

1. Your Meiklejohns are your slaves.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 6.21.49 PM

2. Everyone loves Gail.


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WTF is happening on Hollywood Boulevard?

Our first thought, and yours: Was Brown’s former dean and erstwhile free-speech advocate Alexander Meiklejohn moonlighting as an obscure mononymous silent film star?

No he wasn’t, but apparently William Meiklejohn (1903-1981), also known as “The Starmaker,” was a renowned talent agent who represented Lucille Ball, Nat King Cole and Judy Garland. Today he is best remembered for discovering a young Ronald Reagan. As far as Wikipedia knows, he bore no relation to the Brown guy. His first name didn’t make it onto the star because he inexplicably had to share the honor with brother Campbell Meiklejohn, who managed the Grauman’s Egyptian Theater.

The Dean and The Starmaker, a side-by-side comparison.

If you dare venture down the cavalcade of blood, grime and tears that is the Hollywood Walk of Fame, you can find the Meiklejohn star at 1777 Vine, between Hollywood and Yucca.

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Ra Ra Brunonia: Meikle-Huh?

Flashback to your high school graduation: you walked confidently to the front of your capped-and-gowned class, picked up your diploma, and walked out of school forever.  A future of literally limitless possibilities at the top of College Hill was an option welcomed with open arms after years of college-driven course choices — until pre-registration. Then freshmen inevitably realized Brown’s curriculum pretty much meant they were all utterly overwhelmed and totally screwed.

Cue the entrance of those angels in punny shirts we like to call the Meiklejohns.  Unlike the professorial advisors who offered a few vague words of encouragement, Meiklejohns came to the rescue with the real dirt, including advice like which professors were snooze-worthy, who delivered captivating lectures, which classes were way too difficult for first-semester students, and reasons why you shouldn’t take that 9 a.m.  As the new college student breathed a sigh of relief, a string of questions must have fleetingly crossed his mind — where does the word “meiklejohn” come from? Should I get my lactaid pills? Who is John?

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