Pronunciation Manual: Brown U. edition

If you know anything about the goofy side of the Internet, you’ve probably seen Pronunciation Manual — the how-to guide for pronouncing words wrong better. So we recruited comedian Bennett Ferris ’13 and made some similarly instructional videos for hard-to-pronounce Brown University words. To all the frosh (…and seniors? Let’s be real—you still don’t know how to pronounce Smitty B’s more sophisticated name) who have trouble with these words: you’re welcome. Find more of these horribly wrong pronunciations of words in the Brunonian lexicon after the jump.

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Study break of the day: Calming Manatee

We feel better already.

We’re all up to our ears in work, and it’s no surprise that we’re all searching for outlets on the Internet to calm ourselves down. We really don’t know why these majestic calming manatees are so comforting, but they seem to do the trick. Take a deep breath, enjoy the cerulean tones, and let these motherly manatees calm your finals jitters.

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Yale, Dartmouth, UVA and More Imitate College Hill Troll Community

It seems the whole meme revolution has gone viral. If you missed “MEME-ism: ‘-Isms’ in Internet Culture, Phenomena and Trends” yesterday at the Underground (why you would ever turn down free Shanghai is beyond me), you can still get a sense of how widespread Insanity Wolves, Success Kids, and Condescending Wonkas have become just by stalking browsing the Facebook meme pages of various colleges and universities.

Brown’s very own meme page — The College Hill Troll Community – Br.U.Mad? — has over 1,170 followers and has proven to be relevant as it posts timely material; the page absolutely blew up yesterday after the tragic announcement that the V-Dub would be closed for Chicken Finger Friday.

Bold thinking, Keanu.

While Brown, naturally, was a pioneer with its Facebook page, certain unnamed schools in New Haven, Hanover, and Charlottesville, among others, seem to have jumped on the meme bandwagon. All three sites have gotten hundreds of followers in just a couple of days, and the growth doesn’t look like it will slow down any time soon. Stalking these pages is kind of like listening to inside joke after inside joke that you’re not a part of, but we just seem to keep doing it anyway. Some memes that we understand (and some that we don’t) after the jump.

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“Shit Brown Students Say” is here

We mean, like, you knew it was coming. We say a lot of shit.

Study break of the day: December 9, 2011

It’s Friday, so we have a little riddle for you: What does a meme look like eight months past its prime? “A Person of Interest” (or a fourteen year-old holding back the awkwardness of adolescence with a bit too much makeup).