Soccer Update: Maryland edges Brown

Great season, boys

Brown men’s soccer’s season came to a heartbreaking end tonight, as Bruno fell 2-1 on a last-minute goal by #2 Maryland. Brown led 1-0 for most of the first half after Dylan Remick ’13 picked up his third assist in two NCAA tournament games on a corner headed in by Bobby Belair ’13. But Maryland tied the game in the closing minutes of the first half and then threatened to score for most of the second half before finally converting a free kick opportunity with a minute remaining to seal the win. The viewing experience was made all the more painful by the horrendous and grossly biased commentators on ULive’s online stream, who produced such gems as “this is the stage where great players become great players” and “Brown is going to be unbelievable to believe that they missed that.”

Despite the loss, da Bears still enjoyed a great season, including a fantastic 2-0 victory over then-undefeated Cornell and an easy 2-0 win over Drexel in the first round of the tournament. Graduating players include Dylan Remick, Ryan McDuff, Eric Robertson, Tom McNamara, Sam Kernan-Schloss, and Kevin Gavey, all strong contributors, but perhaps next year will be just as good anyway. In any case, a bittersweet congratulations from Blog to Brown soccer on an excellent season, and a tip of the cap to the seniors. We’ll miss following our athletic crush. Bruno [read: me] is crying.

Men’s soccer update: Drexel down, Maryland up next

Suck it Drexel

Dylan Remick ’13 had both assists for Brown

Yesterday afternoon/evening Brown Men’s Soccer took care of business like we all knew they would, comfortably downing Drexel 2-0 to advance to the second round of the NCAA tournament. Tom McNamara ’13 and Daniel Taylor ’15 each scored first half header goals off passes from unanimous all-Ivy selection Dylan Remick ’13. The live stream of the game available through Drexel’s website was actually pretty good, and I’m confident that at least ten other Brown-affiliated fans used it besides me. Maybe. I hope.

Next up is #2 overall seed Maryland, which will be easily the best team Brown has played this year. The “Terrapins” (basically a bitchy turtle) have racked up an impressive 17-1-2 record in the Atlantic Coast Conference, which some experts have deigned to suggest is more competitive than the Ivy League. (The previous sentence assumes that 1) there are college soccer “experts” and 2) that if there were, they would ever bother to compare the hyper-competitive ACC with a league that includes intramural-quality teams masquerading as varsity teams, like Penn and Columbia.) Continue Reading

Sixth Man: Men’s Water Polo

Aw yeah

What’s better than tremendously buff, near-naked men putting on stylized bonnets and swimming up and down a pool for an hour? Yeah, not much. So Sixth Man had little choice but to grab a friend and head to men’s water polo Senior Night last Friday for some high-octane wopo action. Coming from California, I’m actually pretty familiar with the world’s premier aquatic team sport (narrowly edging out Sharks and Minnows, for all you former swimmers out there), having played it my freshman year of high school, but then quit out of fear of embarrassing everyone else on the team due to my absurd talent and chiseled upper body.

Anyway, having attended at home several games featuring Stanford/Cal/USC/UCLA (the perennial water polo powerhouses/California douchebag schools), I wasn’t expecting much from Ivy League water polo; it turns out, though, that we’re really good. In fact, men’s water polo is, at the time of this post, 27-2 (one of the losses is to number two UCLA and the other is a fluky 1-goal defeat by Johns Hopkins) and ranked twelfth in the country. This ranking is dampened a bit by further research indicating that there are no more than 30 or so Division I NCAA water polo teams, but still, it’s pretty cool. Any sport we can beat Harvard at by 14 goals on two different occasions is one I’m in favor of.

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Sixth Man: Men’s Soccer

Ha! I always knew we were the best in the Ivy League at something besides academics and social life “botany”! This past Saturday, in what Sixth Man previously anointed the SPORTING EVENT OF THE YEAR, Brown’s men’s soccer team took on Cornell in a de facto battle for the Ivy League title. The winner would be on the fast track to becoming Ivy Champion and a possible top-10 national ranking; clearly, it was a high-stakes battle between the annoyingly red Big Red and the gloriously brown Bears.

Now, though Cornell was undefeated, let’s be honest here: it’s Cornell and the event was not hotel management-related, so how good could they be? “Not that good,” Brown forward Ben Maurey ’15 quickly answered, scoring a goal four minutes into the match. Much of the impressively large parents’ weekend crowd hadn’t even walked in the stadium yet and Cornell was already getting the business. Still, those who missed the opening goal were nonetheless treated to a fun-filled first half of Cornell blunders and failed scoring attempts, as the Fighting Ithacanians were stymied by the shutdown play of goalie Sam Kernan-Schloss ’13 and co-captain defenders Ryan McDuff ’13 and Eric Robertson ’13.

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Brown Midfielder Drafted to MLS!

The MLS SuperDraft was held today, and Brown’s own Jon Okafor was drafted in the 3rd round by Chivas USA!

Check the draft order here, and make sure to pick up your Chivas gear ASAP.

A Thousand Words: Men’s Soccer Beats BC 2-1

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Photos by Jonathan Bateman/Herald

View images from the second half after the jump…

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