Students who do cool things: “The Magic Motorway”

If you live in New England, there is a decent chance you have driven on the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut, one of the nations most historic roadways.  Recently, the Parkway Conservatory has been making a strong push to conserve one of the nations most endangered historic places.  In an attempt to connect with a younger generation, the Conservatory hired Charlie Greene ’13 to produce a short film to highlight how urgent this call for preservation needs to be.  The film premiered two weeks ago at an event in Greenwich, Connecticut, and will soon be featured on the Merritt Parkway Conservatory’s website.

We here at BlogDH are trying to highlight some of the amazing things that Brown students are doing on campus and in the outside world.  Are you, or do you know, a student who does cool things?  If so, send the info to, and we will see if your cool thing is right for this feature.