State of the City: It’s snowing.

Screw this. Let’s Gamble for gold. A recent WPRI poll shows that most RI residents favor expanding the state’s casino gambling options. The state should run with this finding and try to kill two birds with one stone. I say we take the municipal pension fund, go to a craps table, and put it on 31 black. I know the risks are high, but if we win, not only is the deficit solved — golden chariots for all the elderly!

Meryl, you’re me(ry)lting our hearts. It appears that Meryl Streep is trying to make nice with Rhode Island after stealing away the Oscar for Best Actress from Rhody Viola Davis. The now three-time Academy Award-winning actress has donated a total of $20,000 to Upward Bound, a RI charity committed to creating educational opportunities for all. In case that wasn’t enough, the gifts were all in the name of Viola Davis and her sister. It’s bad enough you knock our socks off with your out-of-this-world acting every year, Streep, but to melt our hearts with your generosity as well — unfair, Iron Lady, unfair.

In other news that proves that global warming is a hoax, it will snow today. Suck on that, Obama.