Something big is coming to BlogDailyHerald

unnamedA week from today, you’re going to notice a big, big change on our site. Our redesign team (big shout out to Jason Hu ’15 and Joe Stein ’16 in particular) has been working tirelessly to make this pipe dream come true. It’s a long time coming, and we hope you love it as much as we do. Web sites with smirking bears that wear hats as their logos will never be the same.

In Blog We Trust,

The Editors

Want to write for us? We’re having an information session tonight


Do you crave to be at the hub of the wheel that strives to create an informed and aware student body? Are you frequently compared to Clarissa from Clarissa Explains it All? Do you like to do things for the sake of journalism?  If so, you should consider applying to become a member of the BlogDailyHerald team. We’re looking for dedicated and ambitious writers to join our staff. Come to our information session TONIGHT at 7 p.m. in the upstairs space* of the Herald office (195 Angell Street) to learn more about who we are and what we do.

If you can’t make this information session, don’t worry—shoot us an email at blog(at)browndailyherald(dot)com to get more information.

*There will be no nudity in this upspace. Please come clothed.

(BlogDH) Recruitment

So you want to join BlogDailyHerald?

(BlogDH) RecruitmentDo you live, breathe, and crave all events and things Brown-related? Is your support for the use of the Oxford comma alienating you from your friends? Do you enjoy wasting time and doing things daily? Are you good at sports? If you’ve answered “yes” to three out of the four questions above, you should consider applying to become a blogger! BlogDailyHerald is looking for passionate, motivated, and dedicated writers to join our squad and deliver daily news and happenings to our readers.

We’re holding an information session at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, January 30th in the upstairs space of the Herald office (195 Angell Street).

If you can’t make this information session, don’t worry—shoot us an email at blog(at)browndailyherald(dot)com to get more information.

Guess who’s back?

Computer Hipster 97 but class of 98

Shout it from the rooftops. Scream it in the streets. At long last, BlogDailyHerald is back in action. We’ll be here day in and day out to keep you company as you go full speed ahead until the school year’s end. Get ready for a semester chock-full of bear heads, catharses, and punning. Hold onto your hats (and all of your other winter apparel)—we’re about to take things up a notch. It’s go time.

Ready, set, (winter) break!

We’ve had a great semester up here on the Hill, but it’s time for us to pack up, head on home, and have some quality bonding time with our couches. We’ll be posting periodically throughout the break, so check back for updates. Remember to keep sending news, tips, and suggestions to, and shoot us an email if you’re interested in joining our squad in the spring.

Happy Holidays (!), enjoy your break, and we’ll see y’all in 2013.


(Another) Study break of the day: The “Not Study Game”

Even though I don’t watch Nickelodeon anymore, Timmy still gets me… and you. You’re already playing. This is meta.