Time-waster of the day: April 27, 2011

Earlier this month, sketch comedy group Out of Bounds brought RISK! to Brown. RISK! is a podcast that provides comedians with a venue to tell embarrassing, taboo-laden stories about their lives. The event, held April 13 in MacMillan, was headlined by Michael Ian Black and also featured Brown faculty members Connie Crawford and Deak Nabers. In case you missed it, or didn’t feel like paying the $12 admission, the episode (titled “Education”) is now up on for free on iTunes.

The highlight? Hearing Deak detail his anxiety regarding the conception of his “f**king kid.” Although he’s arguably even more horrifyingly candid about his life in the average Simple Art of Murder lecture…

Michael Ian Black at RISK!

If you were disappointed by this year’s Spring Weekend headliners, here’s another event during Spring Week that might cheer you up. Comedian Kevin Allison of The State runs a popular story-telling podcast called “RISK!” and after talking with Out of Bounds, Kevin and the show are officially coming to Brown for their first ever ever college gig. Michael Ian Black is slated to headline the episode, which will be split between two shows in MacMillan 117 on the Wednesday of Spring Week:

1. Wednesday, April 13th at 7pm in MacMillan 117

2. Wednesday, April 13th at 10pm in MacMillan 117