Confessions of a Panamaniac

Spring Break, woo!

Spring Break, woo!

“Out here in the fields,
I fight for my meals.”
– The Who, Baba O’Riley

Whoosh!  High tide shattered the shores of Panama City, Florida, retreating back into the ocean like a fickle woman. As I breathed in the sights and sounds of the wasteland affectionately known by the Delaware Fighting Blue Hens as “The PCB,” I wondered out loud to my compatriots – How did we end up here?

It was our spring break and we were just looking for fast kicks and a rip-roaring time. We were seniors, after all, on deck to launch headfirst into the real world. This trip was more than a superficial jaunt; indeed, it was an epitaph to the adolescent experience.

“I feel cold,” said Adam, the runt of our group. It appeared we had been sold on Panama City under false pretenses –not knowing the temperature would stay tepid at best. The pools too chilly to prove inviting, the wind gusts blowing sand into our eyes as we squinted helplessly for the path ahead. In such a climate as this, there was only one thing left for us to do.

For our beers, it was always Wal-Mart. I saw the mammoth structure as a landmark of a bankrupt culture, a consumerist nightmare pulled straight from Philip K. Dick. According to lore, this particular Wal-Mart had outsold all others in alcohol sales over the previous three years. The place was, simply put, a madhouse …

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The Netflix Files dissects the Air Bud Legacy

Good news. This week, Disney struck an exclusive deal with Netflix to stream its catalog via Watch Instantly.

Touchdown for Netflix!

While theatrical releases won’t start cropping up on Netflix till around 2016 (!), yesterday Disney decided to make available some scraps of kiddie nostalgia just in time for finals period. Netflix is now officially the proud streamer of Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo, The Aristocats, The Fox and the Hound, The Great Mouse Detective and Pocahontas. Exponentially more enticing, the deal also includes rights to marginal Disney entities like The Nightmare Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach and The Muppet Movie.

The most important revelation of all: some of the direct-to-DVD Air Bud movies are now on Watch Instantly. And because BlogDailyHerald truly doesn’t give a fuck, here’s exactly what you need to know about your favorite athletic Golden Retriever Buddy (and his miraculous English-speaking progeny!), FILM-BY-FILM. Continue Reading