Techaccino Tuesdays: iSwag for your iPad

HHH iPad

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By now, you’ve already either received/purchased an iPad or heard about it from your friends enough to know that there are a million and a half things to do with it. (If not, check this out!) (By the way, I’m talking here about Apple’s tablet, unlike the AP…) From note taking to airplane crashing to star gazing, there really isn’t a lot more out there we could ask it to do. But let’s think outside the box…What about that 30-pin connector at the bottom or the Bluetooth capability? Sure you can connect it to your computer, a wireless keyboard, or (if you’re lazy and have money to waste) your digital camera, but imagine all the possibilities…So stop shopping at censoring Apple Stores, and let’s take a gander inside the intertubes to find how you should actually be using your iPad. Continue Reading

There’s a new brand of kimchi on campus

It began with Mama Kim’s. The Thayer Street stalwart acquainted us with what Korean food has to offer, but however glorious the small portions may have been, there was always something missing – the quarter-pounder-with-cheese to Mama Kim’s slider, if you will. There was also Juniper, offering up FroYo a la Korea (betcha didn’t know it’s Starcraft-level huge over there). Still, there was a Korean restaurant-sized hole in Providence. Ethnic cuisine Gods be praised, the family that owns Juniper finally caught on and opened the traditional Korean eatery, Soban, this July. Continue Reading