BlogDH goes to Boston Calling

Between A Better World By Design and A Slightly Better World By Design, a lot of great things happened on campus this past weekend. Not all students opted to stay in Providence, though, and instead took a train-ride trek to the 6th installment of Boston Calling Music Festival.  This two-stage festival occurs twice a year (once in September and once in May) and spans over the course of three days. There are never overlapping acts, never obtrusively massive crowds, and only a few places with low visibility of the stages, making this festival pretty exceptional for discovering (or rediscovering) some great acts. Single day tickets are usually around $85 and previous headliners include Lorde, Beck, The National, Kendrick Lamar, Vampire Weekend, etc.

In case you didn’t heed the call, here are 10 things you might’ve missed this weekend.


1. Some good freebies 

Boston Calling is 60% about music and 40% about collecting all the free things distributed around the perimeter of the fest. Polar Seltzer gets the MVP award for giving away sets of friendship bracelets that compliment each other by saying “Polar” and “Seltzer,” and also using a massive slingshot to launch foam polar bears into the crowd. Sam Adams shelled out baseball caps, Kind Bars tried to make us forget about that FDA scandal by distributing granola, and it was actually impossible to walk anywhere without being offered some free cough drops courtesy of Ludens.

2. Blankets

Without fail, every night around 7 p.m. it would suddenly occur to me that it’s basically October and thus basically freezing. My denim jacket (the only jacket I packed) didn’t cut it. The majority of festival-goers were wiser, though, and brought blankets. Not coats, not gloves, not scarves, but blankets. Patterned blankets, wool blankets, fuzzy blankets… keep this in mind when it starts to inevitably snow in Providence and you’re looking for a  new fashion statement.

3. Doomtree’s Crack Attack

Doomtree brought an intense and high energy performance to the Saturday stage, and however briefly, got the crowd to chant “crack” as part of “No Way.” And yes, it does beg the obvious Mean Girls reference.


4. Father John Misty throws the mic

Father John Misty is known as much for his brutally honest lyrics as he is for is brutally honest on-stage remarks. He danced atop the drum set, against his microphone, and in the audience all while pointing out banality of life and hedonism of festivals. He did not drop the mic after his last note, but rather threw it on the ground and walked off.  This gets my pick for favorite performance of the festival.

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