How to Win Long-Lasting Life Connections and Influence People provides college students with a freelance market for their future.

When one hears “Pangea,” the hundreds-of-millions-years-old supercontinent is usually what comes to mind. But now, there’s a new Pangea in Providence — and instead of connecting land masses, it’s an app connecting students with their community. was an idea conceived three years ago as a marketplace specifically designed to give students the opportunity to use their skillsets by offering freelance services and fulfilling requests by other students and members of the greater Providence community. After a beta version launched last October, a team of ten students from Brown, RISD, and Johnson & Wales came together to redevelop, rebuild, and rebrand the app, culminating in a relaunch this September with the new and improved

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What we’re reading


One of the most hard-hitting questions of our time has now been answered: “Why Is The Dollar Sign A Letter S?”

The New Republic’s “Labor Pains” discusses the disproportionately negative effect outdated maternity leave policies have on women in the job market. Most shocking is a chart outlining the amount of time guaranteed for maternity leave and the percentage of salary compensation during maternity leave by country. The U.S. doesn’t fare too well…

President Obama sparked debate with his comments at the National Prayer Breakfast on the historical role of religion in justifying conflict. Ralph Peters wrote “Jihadis 14, Crusaders 2” for the National Review Online criticizing Obama for his comments and suggesting that everybody “try reading a book or two on the subject.” The Atlantic published “The Foolish, Historically Illiterate, Incredible Response to Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Speech,” a response to Peters which hits close to home on the topic.

Looking to get your SNL fix? Check out Gotham‘s interviews with the current cast of the 40th season of the show.

And if you think same-sex marriage is only the beginning of the gay rights movement, you’re definitely in agreement with Frank Bruni, the Times columnist responsible for “Do Gays Unsettle You?” The article is a look at whether or not cultural mores are keeping up with the rapid pace of same-sex marriage legalization.

Finally, if your summer job search isn’t going so hot, consider going into sports betting–it seems to be working out pretty well for Billy Walters. “A Life On The Line” goes in-depth into the life of perhaps one of the most famous and controversial sports bettors to ever live.

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Student discounts with your Brown ID


There are so many reasons to love your Brown ID. Sure, you might have lost it a few times over Spring Weekend and sure, it might make you remember what you looked like with bangs, but that card has swiped you into an incredible Brunonian community. And as if that weren’t enough, it also boasts free RIPTA rides! And your email? It’s good for free Microsoft Office, free Rosetta Stone, and free New York Times. There are so many reasons to love free things.

Here is a list of things you can get by proudly showing off your ID or using your .edu email

We’ll start on Thayer St:

FedEx Office will give you between 20-30% off

Urban Outfitters offers 5% if you have a account

Subway, while not directly on Thayer, offers 10% off

Alright, let’s go to the Providence Place Mall:

J. Crew  offers 15% at checkout

Banana Republic offers 15% at checkout

Madewell offers, you guessed it, 15% at checkout

Forever21 will give you 4% back with a account

Not to be outdone, PacSun and American Eagle will give you 5% back with a account

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12 Days of Spring Weekend: Explaining this year’s ticket price increase

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 11.23.13 AM

Notice something strange embedded in BCA’s announcements regarding Monday’s Spring Weekend ticket sale? Besides the usual rules about how many tickets are on sale, and when, it seems that ticket prices have increased $5 from last year’s $15.

What could have caused this increase? Did BCA have to blow the budget due to Dan Deacon’s completely irrational demands for what amenities needed to be available for him?* Is Paxson taking a 5% commission on the whole thing? We reached out to a member of BCA for comment, and got a fairly simple explanation for the price increase:

The ticket prices have increased this year because the money we get from UFB only funds the talent we bring, and we need to make up the rest with ticket sales. A higher talent budget means higher production, staging, and hospitality costs. Since it’s a non-profit event, we use our ticket sales to cover all production costs.

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Six reasons why you shouldn’t do laundry today

Let me preface the following article by saying I am a hygienic person. I brush my teeth at least twice a day. I wash my hands for twenty seconds under warm water with soap. I shower before leaving my room in the morning, and I get a new plate if I want seconds at the Ratty (full disclosure: I don’t want to). Having said that, here are six reasons why I never do laundry and you shouldn’t either:

1) Save money. A full cycle of laundry costs $3.00. But let’s be real: you’re doing more than one load at a time. Even if you try to cram it all in one drier, that’s $4.50 for clean clothes (read: damp). That money could be better spent on alcohol textbooks. Or hummus. Or literally anything else. Also, since the Bear Bucks machine only take bills, you’re really sacrificing the full $5.00. That shit adds up, and I ain’t no sucka.

2) I may have enough underwear and socks to last me through the apocalypse. My boxer collection could be in the MoMA, if the MoMA was deemed the lair between “my junk” and “the elements.” My shirts and pants can go through hell and high water, but the family jewels get a new home every morning, even if that home has the Superman logo on it. Besides, it’s not like I’m rolling around in dirt and vomit. How dirty could my clothes really be?

Above: my favorite underwear

Above: my favorite underwear

Just kidding. This is my favorite underwear. #teamUSA

Just kidding. This is my favorite pair of underwear. #teamUSA

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Maybe she'll end up becoming the governor of a major US state

How we should spend the $44 million engineering grant

It's a Transformer, not because it can change between car and mecha form, but because it has a fluid sense of gender identityIn case you missed the news, the Engineering Department got a generous donation of $44 million. The University is probably going to be spending it on boring practical things, like infrastructure, but Blog would like to remind the Corporation that this is Brown—incubator of crazy, innovative, and not-necessarily-feasible ideas. Thus, we present a list of suggestions of what we’d do with $44 million and faculty doing awesome research.

1. Martian Housing

I mean, we already have professors who send robots to Mars. How hard could building a new dorm on the Red Planet be? This could be for the students who really, really want to study abroad. Besides, it couldn’t be a worse trip than going to Perkins.

2. Weather Machine

Of course, there are the practical applications, such as global climate change, and professors here are doing really cool work on that. But really, that’s missing the bigger picture: Never a rainy Spring Weekend ever again. Spontaneous snowball fights in spring. No more freak Halloween snowstorms.

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