Student Group Spotlight: Morning Mail Studies

Morning Mail Studies has started reading these things. You should get on their level.

Morning Mail Studies has started reading these things. Get on their level.

Did you really read Morning Mail? It’s a question we ask you from time to time, even though we know the answer is often a resounding “no.” And we get it, we usually skim or skip the thing too, even after its makeover. There is a reason, however, why we keep asking you that question: there are plenty of events worth checking out in the depths of Morning Mail, and now it seems like another student group has figured that out as well. Morning Mail Studies, a Facebook group started by Kayla Rosen ’14, hopes to increase attendance at the disparate events the nightly email advertises by creating a space in which people can post the events they want to go to and encourage people to tag along. There are only 46 members right now, but the group certainly has the potential to grow much larger in the near future.

Morning Mail Studies started out of a desire to get the most out of a senior’s last semester as an undergrad. As Kayla explained, “I’m a second semester senior. I’ve been getting Morning Mail for the past 3 and a half years, but I’ve gone to maybe 3 events every semester.” This semester, however, she has set a goal of going to 3 events per week. Though she admits that she has gone to a couple of events alone, Kayla has received plenty of positive feedback on her efforts. Highlights of her adventures have included a lecture by Taylor Branch, a historian of the civil rights era, and TWTP Remix, a series of workshops on issues like race, class, gender, and religion.

The one piece of advice Kayla has for younger students is this: “Your education isn’t just in the classroom.” Indeed, there are tons of cool events going on around campus on any given day (and often free food to boot). In reality, you can get as much out of them as any anthropology, biology, or MCM lecture. So read Morning Mail, and don’t make us (or Kayla) do it for you. Check out the group’s description after the jump:

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