Did you really read Morning Mail? Free access to AS220’s 95 Empire for all Brown students

I'm with the band

As of October 1, Brown has joined RISD in a partnership with AS220’s 95 Empire. This partnership will allow for students to go any 95 Empire event for free (!).  All you have do is show your Brown ID, provide your name, and say “I’m with the band!”  Thank you to all parties for involved for making this goodie-attaining catchphrase sound so cool. 95 Empire is located at 95 Empire St, Providence, RI 02903. It’s not rocket science, people.

Some of you may be asking what is 95 Empire? 95 Empire is a theatre and live arts program under AS220, a local forum for the arts. According to its website, 95 Empire houses a black box theater, a dance studio, and two multipurpose spaces that houses anything from educational classes to psychic readings. Whoa. 95 Empire has a lot of events going on every week, and all of them are open to you FREE of charge. Start taking advantage of this opportunity now (it expires on June 29 of next year) because you’re with the band now.

What happened to Morning Mail??

I can only imagine the riot that ensued at Jo’s. Brown Morning Mail, that beloved signal that you only have an hour left to grab a Spicy With (or Spicies With?) and chief indicator that you’re no longer turning in early for the night, got a serious facelift last night. The email is now super pretty and easy to read. You know, you can actually tell where one announcement ends and another begins, all that good stuff. Anyway, it makes our job a lot easier in putting out Free Food Digest every day.

New Morning Mail

According to one of the Morning Mail announcements—the powers that be clearly wanted the whole student body to read it—the changes came from a group of UCS members who realized the process could be streamlined. You see that? We read Morning Mail. No word yet as to how the changes will affect readership, but having an aesthetically pleasing end to your night can only be a good thing. Now go read Morning Mail and check out the changes for yourself.

It’s about damn time

To the new director of e-commerce: may you fare better than your predecessor. Like the BSA Marketplace, justice is cruel mistress.

Celebrate your body, their body, every body!

This week, Health Ed will be collaborating with the Sarah Doyle Women’s Center, Women Students at Brown, and Eat, Play, Love for “Celebrate
Every Body Week.” These groups will be hosting different events “to raise awareness about eating disorders and promote positive body image on campus,” according to the event’s website.

Starting today at 9 am until 5 pm, the event’s organizers will be set up in J. Walter Wilson for two of their ongoing events. The first is Operation Beautiful, a cooperative event in which students are encouraged to write positive sticky notes anonymously and leave them around campus for someone else to find. The other, Great Jeans Giveaway, encourages you to donate a pair of jeans (or any other type of clothing) that you don’t feel comfortable in in exchange for a t-shirt. According to Morning Mail, the Operation Beautiful project will only be open today, but the Great Jeans Giveaway will be relocating to the Ratty on a different schedule on Tuesday and Thursday. (Just read Morning Mail, darnit!)

A full list of their events and resources can be found on their website, as well as more detailed descriptions of each event with their scheduled times and locations. If you can’t make any of these, you can just stop by their table in J. Walter Wilson today to find out about different resources available for students and grab some free buttons! Yay!

Did you really read Morning Mail?: Draw a unicorn!

BlogDailyHerald rescued this gem from Sunday’s Morning Mail:

“Teams from CSCI 1320 and GISP 011 are working together to make the best interspecies love site on the World Wide Web today. We are holding a contest for the best graphic design (we’ll also accept hand-drawn sketches) of a unicorn and Bruno the Bear in bed together (the morning after). The contest winner will receive: 3 hugs, a chance to join our team, $50 cash, and other prizes not appropriate for us to list.”

Sounds promising. Submissions are due this Thursday at 11:59 PM to brumantic@gmail.com. You know you want them prizes…