Rhee ’16 on community activism


This is the second post from our new column highlighting the voices and experiences of students of color on Brown’s campus. This post, by Alissa Rhee ’16, focuses on her involvement with the Motor City Exchange and community activism in general. Check out the first entry in this series and the BDH’s coverage of Alissa’s work as well!

After procrastinating on school/gym time/work by reading an unhealthy amount of blogs on race-based issues and critically engaging in spaces to discuss them, I began to feel comfortable embracing my ethnic rage identity. This shift in perspective has made me more aware of the nuances of my involvement with community development and racial equity.

Though we can identify as people of color, Asians and Asian Americans must remain conscious of the ways in which our experiences differ from African Americans, Latin@s, Natives, and other minority groups and how that affects our interactions with those communities of color. We’re fortunate to have spaces like MPC workshops, the TWC, and student groups to discuss these issues. However, it was only once I was offered the opportunity to work with a nonprofit in Detroit and to assist in coordinating a fellowship program that I could put discourse into practice.

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