A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: ‘The Graduate’ Screening


Are you the type of person who’s more interested in sitting back and watching a movie than you are with all the tedium and effort involved in actually producing and screening them (i.e most people)? Despite the prevalence of film-loving types on campus, made apparent by well-known student groups such as Ivy Film Festival and Brown TV, screenings of classics or particular genre favorites are often difficult to come by. Enter the Brown University Film Forum (BUFF), an organization formed by a group of students who, according to co-founder Beatrix Chu ’15, were “surprised by the lack of regular, popular film screenings for students on campus.” Along with weekly screenings, the organization also hopes to incorporate discussions for the kind of people who like to talk about their movies after they watch them (i.e most university students).

BUFF will be screening of The Graduate this Thursday, November 7 at 9 p.m. in the Metcalf Auditorium.Whether you’re a newbie to the film scene, a seasoned movie aficionado, or merely a senior looking for reassurance that finding satisfaction after graduation is as simple as engaging in affairs with married women, stop by BUFF’s event and experience a 60′s classic.

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(Campus)Lifehacker: Watch almost any movie you want for free

Is this real life? Kinda.

While the title of this post is vaguely suspicious and reminiscent of a shady website, this (Campus)Lifehacker post is one of the most useful and completely legal ways to get your movie watching fix… especially when you’re craving those Halloween classics.

All you have to do is follow these three (ridiculously simple) steps:

  1. Walk to the SciLi (you don’t need directions, it’s rather uh…visible)
  2. Go to the bottom floor of Friedman Study Center (in other words — take the steps that lead below after you swipe in to the SciLi)
  3. Request for the DVD of your choice at the help desk (full list of movies available here)

And that’s it! If you followed the above directions, you should leave the SciLi with a DVD in hand and a smile on your face!

PS: Thanks to David for sharing this prized secret. Now we know how he does his RomCom Thursday posts.

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RomCom Thursday: ‘(500) Days of Summer’

MASTURBATIONFODDER So, you wanna talk rom-coms? You can have your When Harry Met Sally, your Love Actually… you can even have Katherine Heigl’s entire ouvre (except Knocked Up, obviously—who do you think I am?) All I need is (500) Days of Summer.

(500) Days is that rare rom-com made by men, (mostly) for men. This audience breakdown stems at least partly from accusations that Summer fits the manic pixie dream girl archetype and therefore represents an unfair depiction of women by the filmmakers. I would push back by arguing that we are intentionally shown Summer not as a complete person, but as a manifestation of the perfect girl in Tom’s mind. In other words, we see Summer as a caricature because she is, in fact, a caricature to the protagonist and yadda yadda yadda. Whatever. I could write a MCM essay on this, but it is neither the time nor place. (Nor will it ever be, MCM department. Never again.)

One disclaimer before we go any further: there will be spoilers. And realistically, this will be far more interesting if you’ve seen the movie.

Okay, very well. I hereby present my five favorite moments out of all five hundred days.

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BlogDH + Ivy Film Festival present: Choose your Midnight Horror Movie

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Halloween is fast approaching, and while you’re all frantically coming up with seven different costumes for Halloweek, Ivy Film Festival and the Brown University Film Forum (BUFF) are preparing to screen a MIDNIGHT MOVIE to get in the Halloween spirit. The movie will be shown on Friday, October 25th at midnight in Lower Salomon, and it’s up to you to decide which movie will be screened!

We’ve teamed up with IFF and BUFF to get your input about the movie you want to see. While we regret to inform you that Halloweentown is not an option, please vote to see your favorite one of the following Halloween classics (check out movie options and our poll after the jump): Continue Reading


This Week at the Avon: ‘Enough Said’

Enough-SaidIt is very active decision on my part not to include the trailer for Enough Said in this post. Like too many a trailer these days, it reveals too much of the plot, ruins too many jokes, and leaves little to the imagination of the viewer. (Having said all that, it is cut to “German Love” by STRFKR, which is a commendable cutesy-indie soundtrack choice.) The film stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Eva, a divorced massage-therapist with a daughter soon to be leaving for college, and James Gandolfini, also divorced with a college-bound daughter, both hoping to find a better love the second time around. With that in mind, it’s pretty easy to conclude that Enough Said follows a predictable romantic trajectory—or at least, the new predictable rom-com trajectory. It’s full of those uncomfortable moments, idiosyncratic characters, and cringe-worthy statements that fill the current independent romantic film genre, a comment that I’m aware I made about last week’s In a World… But Louis-Dreyfus is as great a comedian as ever, and the film is certainly funny, if wildly uncomfortable. There is more to the film than pure comedy; in a more tender moment, Eva tells Albert, “I’m tired of being funny,” and we feel the emotional exhaustion of a woman hiding behind humor.

Enough Said  focuses on a fairly untapped demographic in the rom-com genre: middle-aged, not-so-good-looking people. Let me clarify: I’d never call Louis-Dreyfus unattractive, but surely we can agree that the late Gandolfini, whatever his other talents may be, did not get by on his looks. He’s big and hairy and losing his hair, and Louis-Dreyfus declares at the party at which she meets him that she is not attracted to a single person present. And while we have become adjusted to the independent film industry making romantic comedies about less glamourous people—Demitri Martin of In a World…, for example, is no Brad Pitt —it does still seem highly irregular to have an older, actively un-sexy man assume the romantic lead. The boys on Girls may not be heartthrobs by any stretch of the imagination, but they’re still in their 20s and thin, and thus the idea of them having sex seems much less bizarre than watching Gandolfini clumsily fondle Louis-Dreyfus. Continue Reading

RomCom Thursday: Submarine

After making some controversial arguments about When Harry Met Sally and Love Actually, it was time to tone back RomCom Thursday, at least for one week. Enter Submarine, a small British coming-of-age romcom released in 2010. It stars a bunch of people you’ve never heard of (unless you’re into highbrow British film, in which case you probably know Sally Hawkins, who plays the protagonist’s mom), and is directed by that guy who didn’t really make sense on The Watch poster.

Guess which of these guys directed Submarine?

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