Diplo released a new bootleg pack with a picture of a Furby

Here’s some JOURNALISM!: Diplo just released a new bootleg pack (i.e. playlist) on Soundcloud to celebrate the milestone of achieving 1,000,000+ Facebook likes.

This is an interesting development for two key reasons:

1) You can escape the doom and gloom of the #SCILIFE and relive the glory days of Spring Weekend by listening to these tracks (in addition to these more general study jams).

2) The supporting image on the pack is of a FURBY. A. FURBY. The official mascot of Spring Weekend. It’s like it knew we Brunonians wanted to relive Spring Weekend—both in terms of the music and the company.

FYI: We plan on doing the same thing when we reach 1,000,000 likes on our Facebook page. Well, we’ll start with 2,500. Help us get there!

Music for studying: Agnes Obel’s ‘Aventine’

Danish-born singer/songwriter Agnes Obel released her debut album Philharmonics in September 2010. While her most popular singles from the album are “Riverside“, “Just So“, and “Brother Sparrow” (this writer’s personal favorite tracks are “Avenue“, “Over the Hill“, and “Katie Cruel“), the entire album is overwhelmingly pure and sedative. Philharmonics features several piano solos, heavy use of strings, and Obel’s signature humming and gentle, whisper-y vocals. With such a unique sound, it’s no wonder that the album went platinum in Belgium, France, and Denmark.

Philharmonics sure would seem hard to beat, and expectations were high for Obel’s sophomore album Aventinedue to be released in the U.S. on October 1. Nevertheless, Obel announced yesterday that the album was “available to stream in full,” and the verdict is in: Obel absolutely impresses. Aventine‘s overall sound and mood are a little more dynamic and complex than those of Philharmonics, but they still incorporate the elements characteristic of the singer/songwriter.

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Music for studying: Daft Punk is BACK

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 1.13.57 PM

Sweet mother of all that is groovy and chill.

If you thought the naked donut runners were the panacea to all finals-related woes, wait until you hear Daft Punk’s new album which is NOW STREAMING FOR FREE. To access it, you have to open iTunes, go to Daft Punk’s artist page, and click the play button next to “Listen Now” on the left side (pictured above). Random Access Memories beautifully showcases Daft Punk’s inimitable synthy essence. Every song is funky as hell (and basically sex incarnate). While you shouldn’t really expect anything of the likes of “One More Time,” your fondest freshman dorm-party jam, you will be pleasantly surprised by how refreshingly sophisticated this album is as a whole. It is a shining star in today’s EDM scene. And don’t even get me started on the collabs. Julian Casablancas is featured in “Instant Crush” and boy, did it get hot in here quickly. Also, Pharrell Williams makes “Get Lucky” the perfect dance party jam for those lonely paper-writing nights in your dorm/SciLi stacks.

P.S. Wait until you hear the ending track. Screw Kabob and Curry in the Blue Room because this is what real happiness feels like.

P.P.S. Oh, and if you’re one of those who thinks Daft Punk is totes overrated and Skrillex is, like, definitely better… you better check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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Music for studying: A review of ‘The Great Gatsby’ soundtrack


Finals suck, but The Great Gatsby soundtrack doesn’t. In the midst of this stressful time, music is always a great thing to turn to. So instead of flipping the pages of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel for your English final, take a listen to The Great Gatsby album instead.

Our thoughts on this new soundtrack? It’s pretty damn awesome and drenched in pleasurable sounds. Using jazz and instrumentals, each track commingles two different eras, creating unique and modern notes that resonate within the twenties. Did F. Scott Fitzgerald ever imagine this would happen?


Who knows? But it did – and we like it. Check out our breakdown of each track after the jump. Continue Reading

Music for studying: International edition

With midterms on midterms on midterms upon us, choosing the right study music is crucial. Sometimes the best music for takin’ care of business, believe it or not, is in a language you might not understand. This way, you can jam to the beats without allowing the lyrics to take you on five-minute daydreams to musings of your yesteryear. Here are some awesome songs in languages you may not understand!

Afrikaans: Die Antwoord means “the answer” in Afrikaans and is a rave-rap group hailing from South Africa. Apparently, Lady Gaga was interested in collaborating with them, and they responded with a song entitled, “Fatty Boom Boom.” Using basic deductive reasoning skills and this line from the fourth verse which says, “Suddenly you’re interested cause we’re blowing up over seas, making money, money, money yes, yes, yes zef side represent you’re f**ckin’ with the best,” you can guess that they’re weren’t so down to collaborate. The lyrics aren’t so nice, but hey, it’s catchy. This song is mostly in English, with some Afrikaans scattered here and there.

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Study break of the day: United States of Pop 2012

Have you listened through all your study playlists already? Twice? Clearly, the only thing left is to mash it all up and regurgitate it in a techno-pop hodgepodge (I mean, pop music has been doing it for years).

If you’re too impatient to wait for nostalgia to kick in, or in case you’ve already forgotten “Call Me Maybe,” T-Swift, One Direction, or “Gangnam Style” (literally parodied by everyone), you can jam out to this year’s annual pop music menagerie mashup by DJ Earworm.

Yes, it’s catchy as hell, and yes, I’ll be blasting this for End-of-the-World Parties. Try and judge.