Blogify: What Brown students actually listened to from 1982-1987

Nothing makes me happier than listening to old music and exploiting my parents for their good taste in it. Here’s what Brown students, now alums, really listened to while they were really here while doing normal things like going to the Ratty, having 5 a.m. Loui’s, and tripping balls during R.E.M.’s Spring Weekend show on Pembroke Field. If you wanna pretend you’re my parents, sharing a doobie and serenading each other in Barbour–then called “New Applebee”–in 1986, jam out to this. (Thanks for co-DJing, Mom and Dad.)

Blogify: Midterm Motivation

Midterms suck. Yep, we know you already knew that. Here are some jams to get you through the hard times from start to finish.

BlogDH Presents: MaudMash


Our new Dean of the College Maud Mandel seemed a little jealous that her predecessor (and our obsession) Katherine Bergeron had a BlogDH original game named after her, BergeMash. So we decided we needed to give Dean Mandel her own game. After a genius idea from one blogger extraordinaire, we put our heads (read: Facebook comments) together and came up with MaudMash.

Here’s how it works: think of a place or building on Brown’s campus. Make it into a musical artist or band. Make it punny. Bam, you just MaudMashed. Check out the ones we’ve come up with, and as you’re walking around campus, open your Spotify (or Blogify) and come up with your own!


Main Campus

Beyonsayles Hall
Main Green Day
Gene Simmons Quad (formerly Linkin Field)
Jessie JWW
J. Walter Wilson Phillips
J. Walter Will Smith
Aqualung Family Gallery


Slater Hall and Oates
Young O the Giant
Neil Young O
Samantha Bronson
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Blogify: Fall

Despite the unseasonably warm weather, (thanks, global warming…but also, more please) Fall is in fact upon us. The leaves are changing, Instagrams of the leaves changing are in abundance, and people are slowly giving up their summer pastels for their autumn earth tones. In that spirit, we compiled the ultimate Fall playlist.

When You Were Young: A Thousand Miles

It is universally accepted that everybody loves 3 things: parfaits, birthday clowns, and nostalgia. This column aims to play upon the sentimentality inherent in every reader by remembering a key “retro” pop culture item.


Yes, this column is being run on a Thursday.

This week’s Throwback: Vanessa Carlton Walking A Thousand Miles

Give me your Swifts, your Grandes, your huddled Cyruses yearning to breathe free. I say you can have ‘em, just give me an iPod Video loaded up with just one MP3: A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.

2001 was a great year for music and my life. I learned some basic addition. Collected a boatload of money for UNICEF. Got teeth knocked out by—in no particular order—a dodgeball, a soccer ball, and a girl’s fist. Listened to a whole bunch of Radio Disney.

Hearing A Thousand Miles brings back all of these early childhood memories. It is, for me, a musical representation of both the catchy melodies that permeated throughout my childhood as well as the literal distance it felt like my mom drove us to school every morning. Later, this song would be relevant again in my life when I first watched the White Chicks scene where Terry Crews sings it. It was the first time I teared up from laughter. It wouldn’t be the last.

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Blogify: Teen Angst

Whether you’re Sophomore Slumping or Senior SWUG-ing, sometimes all you need is a good ‘ol dose of 8th grade angst to get you through the hard times. So crank up the volume, push a lock of hair over your right eye, and get ready to scream along with the vocal stylings of Brendon Urie. (Or dance to this beat and hold a lover close.)