It has begun.

10288748_10151936402575834_8432428213777575318_nSpotted in the stacks. Enjoy!


Little Victories at Brown: Finals edition

(BlogDH) Little Victories

With finals in full swing, we thought a third and final round of Little Victories was a very necessary way to finish out the semester. Blog has been a little pessimistic with our 12 Days of Flogmas. We’re here give you a pick-me-up and remind you that the only reason you think you hate this place right now is because it’s finals—it’s definitely not because you actually hate it (you love it here, I promise). We present to you a holiday/finals themed round of Little Victories. You got dis!

1. When you get the free pizza at the Rock and the SciLi. Such a solid study break kept our somber students as happy as clams. If there’s one thing college students love, it’s free shit. Everyone knows that the best kind of free shit is free food. And how great are those mini-brownies they put out? It’s Domino’s pizza, too, a very high quality and expensive brand ( ;) ). This is a prime example of Brown showing that it cares about us.

2. When you witness the Naked Donut Run by pure chance. The Naked Donut Run happens unannounced twice a year. That means that you have eight opportunities to witness it during your tenure at Brown (if you go abroad, only seven). The NDR is basically as anticipated as Beyoncé’s surprise album. Generally, you have no idea when it’s going to happen, but you know it has to happen. When a completely nude guy saunters up to you, toting his paper plate o’ donuts out of the blue, your jaw drops—you’re smiling, you’re laughing, and you’re always thinking, “wow, I love Brown” all at once. Continue Reading

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Epilogue: Finals… in one minute

Last semester, while on leave, I posted the above video of myself studying for finals in an attempt to commiserate with my fellow Brown students. Since then, I started taking Adderall for my ADHD, and have become a focused, responsible, studier. LOL JK JK I’M EVEN WORSE.

Finals at Brown? Well, let’s just say they can suck my proverbial dick. If I were asked to do Finals at Brown: The Sequel (which I haven’t, but it’s probably only a matter of time), it would be slightly different:

1. There would be more rage. Honestly, I don’t understand why more students don’t freak out in the middle of the library. This finals season has included dining hall brawls and numerous angry glares at the people being loud and screechy in the 00 decibel area of the SciLi. This semester, I’m not crying; I’m getting even.

2. I would go to the SciLi. Seriously, who goes to the Rock anymore?! The SciLi is where it’s at. It’s large. It’s prominent. It’s phallic. It’s the place to be. Continue Reading

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How to pass the time waiting for the NDR

Three words. Five syllables. Twice a year, before finals start in the fall and spring, a merry band of Brown students provides studiers with two of our favorite things: nudity and free food.

If this is your first semester at Brown, take note: the night and time of the Naked Donut Run is always kept secret until immediately prior, but, for the most part, the runs are held the night before finals start. The evening the run is rumored to take place, the libraries are even more packed than a usual night during finals week. It’s also usually pretty obvious that half the people there don’t really have a reason to be in the FriSC at midnight – they’re just waiting for their biannual dose of tasteful nudity and tasty donuts.

If you’re one of those people who stakes out a library spot solely to catch a glimpse of what you could see any day on John Street (plus baked goods), it can get boring waiting for the runners to arrive. Here are some ways you can pass the time other than refreshing Facebook every other minute to see if your friend at the Rock has posted about naked people: Continue Reading

At last

The rumors have been confirmed: the naked donut run is happening now.  Drop that orgo textbook and get thee to the Rock, the CIT or the SciLi.  There are donuts to be eaten.  We hear that they’ve started at the Rock, so if you want to get handed a munchkin by a naked person (sounds way more sexual than it is), try to intercept the runners’ path at the SciLi or the CIT.

The end of Naked Donut Run?

We at BlogDailyHerald are hearing reports that this semester’s traditional Naked Donut Run involved a few too many clothing items. According to our intelligence, after successful (read: naked) Naked Runs at the CIT and the Rock, NDR-ers were stopped by SciLi security and told they had to put on clothes, or face punishment.

One NDR-er said security took down names of participants, while another NDR-er reported that a security member here told the group that there would be arrests if it continued, threatening to take names and review video.

Damn, security guys. We’ve been so patient, waiting for our donuts this semester. Naked Donut Run is a storied Brown tradition. You can’t just shut it down!

So this year’s Naked (or Semi-Clothed) Donut Run is over. Who knows what it will look like next semester….

We’ll keep you updated as we know more. Tell us anything you know about this outrageous situation in the comments!