Best places to take a midday nap

Finals are upon us, which means long, sad nights studying (or crying) in the Rock or SciLi and resulting sleep deprivation. Though it’s unquestionable Brown needs a designated nap-room, here are some prime spots to catch a few Z’s in the midst of finals period.

A Blue Room booth

IMG_6175 copy

Though it’s debatably unacceptable to hog a coveted Blue Room booth all to yourself, one of them makes a great, albeit noisy, mid-day nap spot. It fulfills my general life rule to never stray too far from the nearest source of muffins.

Chairs in the SciLi basement

The kidney bean-shaped grey alien chairs in the Friedman Study Center seem designed perfectly for a low-key snooze. The soft suede and gentle curve of the seat gives your body a comforting embrace.

List Art Center couches

Though not as modern or soothing as the SciLi basement’s chairs, the couches on the low trafficked second floor of List provide a comfortable, quiet place to take a quick nap.

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Spotted (Napping) At Brown: The Rock

“Consciousness:  that annoying time between naps.”  ~Anonymous

“There is more refreshment and stimulation in a nap, even of the briefest, than in all alcohol ever distilled” -Ovid

The Nap! Possibly man’s greatest discovery! And the college student’s salvation! In celebration of this wonderful act and in assistance of those who always sit in class looking forward to that perfect siesta, each week we will feature one of Brown’s many napping spots.

But first, a quick note on why naps are so great. Napping has become nothing short of a staple of college life. It’s not uncommon to see that sleep-deprived student on his way to Orgo who’s solely running on caffeine and power naps. But even for the rest of us who enjoy a couple zzz’s in the afternoon, napping studies have found that napping and learning go hand in hand. There’s no better way to really absorb that Principles of Econ lecture than by taking a quick snooze through it.

Today’s featured napping spot – The Rock. With its comfy couches overlooking views of downtown Providence and secluded cubicles, The Rock begs to be napped in. And since it is normally very quite, its the perfect place to both rest your eyes and get your work done.

So next time you’re studying at the Rock, take our advice and doze off. Until next time, nap on!