Comedy Central’s “Nathan for You” will make you laugh, cringe, cry, and laugh some more


Comedy Central has become a powerhouse in the last couple of years with hits like Inside Amy SchumerKey and Peele, and Broad City. Last summer, the network quietly premiered the incredibly smart and insanely funny show, Nathan for You. 

The premise of this reality show is simple: Nathan Fielder (who “graduated from one of Canada’s top business schools with really good grades”) provides advice to struggling small businesses.

Nathan (as a character of himself), his clients and their reactions, and the advice itself make this a comedic success. Small, lanky, and so awkward it makes you cringe, Nathan isn’t a big and loud reality show host like those in Extreme Home Makeover or Project Runway. Nathan balances his act between being a smart ass, incredibly awkward and uncomfortable, and a lonely/shy/looking-for-love kind of guy. Combine his deadpan personality with his bizarre business advice, and you can’t help but wonder how his clients are going to react. The advice he gives is extremely smart and well-thought-out but incredibly illogical.

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