It has begun.

10288748_10151936402575834_8432428213777575318_nSpotted in the stacks. Enjoy!


It’s here.


New traditions Brown definitely needs


Brown, like many other schools, cherishes its long-established traditions and encourages everyone to participate and be merry together. Just look at Spring Weekend: hundreds will participate in the numerous events and later join in solidarity as they collectively get slammed with raging hangovers. Traditions give a school character and bolster school spirit, as bizarre and morally questionable as they may be. Don’t get me wrong—I am extremely fond of the already existing traditions at Brown. I enjoy my nude pastry providers as much as the next guy, but it may be time for a little something new. Or you know, we could simply alter the ones that are already in place just a teeny bit. Don’t want to upset the reactionaries.

Naked Cronut Run

Honestly, I believe the NDR embodies the essence of the Brown community and to abolish it would be to deny a key aspect of our Brunonian experience. But, times they are a-changin’ my friend, and the delivered goods need a facelift.

Don't you want me, baby?

Don’t you want me, baby?

Allow me to propose a Naked Cronut Run. These little bundles of fried joy are the paradigm of culinary perfection. Donuts are tasty and all, but hell, does the American dream tell us to conform? No. It urges us to strive for the best in life, and cronuts are just that. They are more expensive than their plebeian counterparts, but fundraisers throughout the year are always an option. Or, we can offer both donuts and cronuts during the NCR (?), but students would have to pay extra at the time of the offer if they desire the latter. The transaction would have to be conducted carefully to prevent a strip club feel. Continue Reading


naked doughnut

The libraries don’t get that censored rectangle tonight.

It’s here.

#OccupyLibraries: The Art of People-Watching

Alas, the finals countdown has reached zero and finals are officially here. This past week, we’ve had fun keeping you busy with plenty of time-wasters and study breaks. But the fun doesn’t stop there— the idiosyncrasies of your fellow AQR- and FriSC-dwellers can be just as noteworthy and entertaining as the study breaks we provide. Yes, my friends, I’m talking about the art of people-watching. 

You won’t need to divert much time away from your studies to engage in this activity. To show you just how efficient this study-break is, examples are given in the most concise form known to any person living in the 21st century: tweet form (hashtags included). You don’t think we can do it in 140 characters or less? It’s on

  • And another one bites the dust. #casualties (see right)
  • To person reading, writing up notes on the LiveStrong case for ENGN9: It’s Lance Armstrong, not Louis Armstrong. #NOTawonderfulworld #jazzymistake
  • You wore those leggings yesterday. And the day before that. And the day before that. #doyourlaundry #takeashower
  • I see you, Ratty take-out #pointless #seewhatididthere
  • Where da NDR at? #finalsrunondunkin
Now it’s your turn—look around and observe your fellow students at work. For all you know, your best material may be right in front of you. Or sitting to your left. Regardless, keep living libbin’ it up, and keep coming back to BlogDH for more study breaks!
Image via / Photo by Meredith Bilski, BlogDailyHerald