WTF was happening on the Main Green? The ultimate snowball fight

This is why we love Brown.

6 names Dory from ‘Finding Nemo’ would be calling this storm if she were talking to Marlin

We Finding Nemo enthusiasts know quite well that Dory is loyal, fearless, and the ultimate optimist, but there’s also no denying that she’s the beloved buffoon of the movie’s maritime gang. Despite the fact she embarks on a quest across the ocean to find her new friend Marlin’s son Nemo, Dory, who suffers from short-term memory loss, just can’t seem to remember the name of that little guy she’s searching for.

This winter season, The Weather Channel has taken the liberty to give winter storms “noteworthy” names to raise awareness of the storms’ potential impacts. We commend the The Weather Channel for using its pick for the letter N so wisely; we definitely agree that Nemo is a noteworthy name. Given Dory’s inability to remember anything for more than ten seconds, here are some “noteworthy” storm names that start with N that she’d probably use instead when referring to Winter Storm Nemo.

1) Ne-Yo: Ugh, Dory’s “so sick of [snow storms].” There’s also so much snow in this video. It just makes sense.

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BlizDailyHerald: Ratty Strategy


Nemo may mean no classes, but it also means no Jo’s, Blue Room, limited (if any) Thayer, and the V-Dub closing at 2 p.m. (no one can take CFF away). There is no getting away from it; the Ratty is going to be terrifying tonight.

To be clear, I think the Ratty can be scary on a normal day at noon, and that’s with other options available. When it’s the only option available, like it was during our old friend Sandy or awkward last-day-before-break or first-night-back, it is nearly unbearable. Everyone gets so mean! And pushy! And there are SO MANY PEOPLE.

Tips on how to survive tonight:

1) Establish a home base. This is key. Get a table, make sure everyone in your party KNOWS where the table is, and use your excessive extra layers/scarves/layers/hats to mark your territory. You don’t want to be finding a table when you’re already carrying plates on a crowded night like tonight—spillage would be a tragedy waiting to happen. Also, I really hate the whole follow-around-whoever-you-came-with Ratty experience, but really, if you haven’t gotten your table YOU WILL LOSE EACH OTHER. It’s highly likely tonight will bring about many a table-sharing experience. This is very doable if you have the correct ratio of friends to randos – you DON’T want to be the pair tacked onto the end of an 8-person party, with no chair in between. (This is especially bad if you find yourself sitting at a sports team’s table. Repeat: Do not sit with a team). Continue Reading

Weather you like it or not: Nemo’s coming to find us

nemo says hello

Continuing the 2012-2013 trend of not-so-cute storms named after completely adorable pop culture characters, Nor’easter Nemo—now many leagues over the sea—is going to find us. Weather forecasts estimate that Nemo will bring 12 to 18 inches of snow with the potential to top two feet and that Nemo will go down in history as the blizzard not to mess with. Classes have already been cancelled in anticipation of this forthcoming Nor’easter.

I guess we touched the butt.touched the butt gif

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Class cancelled Friday!


SNOW DAY! Cheers erupt at the Ratty! Music begins blasting in fraternity basements!

Check your email, folks. Due to the impending storm, classes will be cancelled on Friday, February 8. The blizzard is supposed to pick up at around 6 a.m. tomorrow and last until Saturday. Enjoy it while it lasts, and remember what we all learned last semester: staying productive during these things is harder than it sounds.