A conversation with Elliot Grossman ’17 and Jake Small ’17


If you’ve ever seen a boy in stripes walking shoeless in the rain or a bearded tree climber in a t-shirt and shorts in the snow, then you’ve discovered the wonders that are Jake Small ’17 and Elliot Grossman ’17. They’ve been sporting these looks since they arrived on campus last academic year. The two are somewhat of legends on campus, with many over the course of our talk coming up and saying hello, or commenting on their attire. With all the blizzards cramping our style, classes, and sanity, we here at Blog couldn’t help but wonder how our two fearless peers were faring in this snowpocalypse.

We got these two friends together to interview each other on the ins-and-outs of being Mother Nature’s best naysayers.

Elliot: I just want to start by pointing out that I am showing a lot more skin to the elements. I mean that’s a little bit more hardcore. I know this isn’t a competition, but I am also winning it. I mean, this guy is wearing a scarf, long sleeves, pants…

Jake: Do you have a problem with my scarf?

Elliot: My only problem with it is that it’s not colorful enough.

Jake: Okay, so do you own pants?

Elliot: I do own pants. I don’t own any jeans, however. I own cargo pants to go with my cargo shorts, and I wear them for labs in the very few cases when forced to. Like, once a week. If I can ever get out of wearing pants for a lab, though, I do. So pants are required, but sometimes they’re like “well, if you forget, we’re not going to make you go back and change.” And then I forget…for the rest of the semester.

(To Jake) Do you own any shoes?

Jake: (Pulls out flip flops) They don’t let me into the dining halls without them.

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