Non-Humans of Providence

Since bursting into our newsfeeds a few years ago, Humans of New York has inspired people across the globe to photograph the weirdest looking people on the street normal, everyday people in order to better understand the personal narratives that compose the complex human experience. The “Humans of…” movement has helped people appreciate diversity and the simple pleasures and concerns that unite humankind. We’ve even started our own spin-off here on the site, and now on our Facebook page. But the whole thing is pretty species-centric. What about the myriad nonhumans that we interact with each day? What might they have to say?

IMG_0039“Did you know that Gandhi let his wife die of pneumonia because he refused to allow her to take penicillin because it was a Western medicine, but when he got malaria allowed doctors to give him quinine? My friend just told me this and it basically destroyed all the assumptions I had about the world.”


“I’m a little worried about the college application process. My older brother just went through it two years ago, and I remember how time-consuming it was. My guidance counselor told me that admissions offices are all going to want the fourth-largest self-supported dome in the world on their campus, but I don’t know. There’s just so much pressure to know what you want in life!”

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