A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: Ken’s Ramen grand opening


Supremely delicious noodle shop Ken’s Ramen will be celebrating its official grand opening on Halloween. Though the restaurant has been running a soft opening for a while now — to rave reviews — Friday will mark its official debut. And how should one ring in any major celebration? With champagne, of course. The restaurant is offering free champagne with the purchase of ramen/a side (for those 21 and up, obviously). No word yet, however, on how Moët pairs with Hell Paitan ramen.

In addition to the bubbly extravaganza, Ken’s Ramen promises to unveil four new dishes on Friday, according to their website. One of them is probably pumpkin spice themed. Their noodle dishes no doubt make for a great start to your Halloween partying, especially if you’re dressing up as a member of the Ramen Cartel.

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Amuse-Bouche: Noodles 102


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Recently, Ives Street has undergone something of a renaissance, making it a nice alternative to Wayland Square and Wickenden when you’re looking for a quick jaunt from campus. Located a block past Governor, it’s now home to a smorgasbord of locally owned businesses. Noodles 102 offers Asian fare of all sorts to Ivesgoers.

Noodles 102 is distinctive for its menu, which is a sort of umbrella for Asian food: think greatest hits of Japanese/Chinese/Thai plus some curveballs, like hard-boiled eggs simmered in a spiced tea broth. It’s sort of all over the map (especially considering the owner is Turkish), but it’s hard to complain when lettuce wraps, miso soup, and pad thai are all in the same place.   Continue Reading