Ruining your childhood: PETA’s Pokemon game

I was into Pokemon as a kid. Not plays-the-card-game obsessed, but knows-that-you-need-a-flute-to-wake-up-Snorlax obsessed. So when I heard about/played PETA’s new “Black and Blue” Pokemon game, 8-year-old Lily cried big, fat Togepi tears. I understand animal cruelty is a serious problem. I’ve seen the Sarah McLachlan commercials, and felt bad for hours afterward. But PETA clearly doesn’t remember Ash Ketchum and Pikachu’s BEAUTIFUL friendship. Look at this hug:

And don’t tell me that Meowth wasn’t an important and legitimate member of Team Rocket because then I’ll have to hit you upside the head. Perhaps, especially at navel-gazing liberal arts colleges, it is our job to examine the implications contained within the fantasy worlds we idealized as children. Or we can we just continue to love the ridiculousness of Pokemon and hate on PETA. That seems easier.

What your favorite middle school flash animation says about you

For most of us, watching flash animations from sites like Ebaum’s WorldWeebl’s Stuff, and Albino Blacksheep were our middle school methods of procrastination that kept us from doing our chores and our “homework” (when homework = BrainPOP and Fizz & Martina). Now far removed from the middle school experience, it’s always hilarious to look back and watch the videos that were our principal sources of distraction. So, what does your favorite flash video say about you? Full breakdown and analysis after the jump.

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