BlogDH Panel: #FlashbackFriday, Halloween 2k14 edition

Last year, Blog rejoiced when Halloween fell on #ThrowbackThursday. This year, we are not so fortunate: Halloween coincides with #FlashbackFriday, a watered down pseudo-version of #TBT, the classic and culturally accepted weekly Instagram holiday. We could not, however, resist getting involved in the most overkill social media-induced nostalgia trip of the year just because of the pesky Gregorian calendar…so, we have curated a BlogPanel of simpler days when Halloween wasn’t about muploading from the Whiskey Republic and out-punning your frenemies. Happy #FlashbackFriday!

Our editor-in-chief, Georgia Tollin (far left), mustache you a question.

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What was I singing? Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You”

Ever wonder if songs you were singing at a young age were completely age-inappropriate? They were! This column will be a trip down memory lane that will have you asking, “Why was I singing this at such a young age? What do these lyrics even mean? Where were my parents?!” 

Flashback to November 2002. Avril Lavigne was taking the music of teenage angst by storm with the release of her album Let Go, which included singles “Complicated” and “Sk8ter Boi.”

This album also contained the treasure that is “I’m With You,” which I had always assumed was a romantic song. Goodness, I was wrong. Shall we dissect these lyrics?

I’m standing on a bridge
I’m waiting in the dark
I thought that you’d be here by now

First off, is she okay? This seems extremely dangerous. Is she running away from home? Is this a romantic gesture like in Sex in the City when Miranda plans to meet Steve if they decide to forgive and forget? TL;DR: she’s waiting at night, so I’m worried for her safety.

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When You Were Young: A Thousand Miles

It is universally accepted that everybody loves 3 things: parfaits, birthday clowns, and nostalgia. This column aims to play upon the sentimentality inherent in every reader by remembering a key “retro” pop culture item.


Yes, this column is being run on a Thursday.

This week’s Throwback: Vanessa Carlton Walking A Thousand Miles

Give me your Swifts, your Grandes, your huddled Cyruses yearning to breathe free. I say you can have ‘em, just give me an iPod Video loaded up with just one MP3: A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.

2001 was a great year for music and my life. I learned some basic addition. Collected a boatload of money for UNICEF. Got teeth knocked out by—in no particular order—a dodgeball, a soccer ball, and a girl’s fist. Listened to a whole bunch of Radio Disney.

Hearing A Thousand Miles brings back all of these early childhood memories. It is, for me, a musical representation of both the catchy melodies that permeated throughout my childhood as well as the literal distance it felt like my mom drove us to school every morning. Later, this song would be relevant again in my life when I first watched the White Chicks scene where Terry Crews sings it. It was the first time I teared up from laughter. It wouldn’t be the last.

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A Cool Thing You Should Know About: Weirdgirl Art Creations


We all need a fun (non-alcoholic) activity once in a while, and at some points in your Brown career, the stimulation that Wickenden, Thayer and our beloved Providence Place Mall provide feels a little stale. Here is the most fun activity that you have probably forgotten: painting pre-made ceramics in a colour palette of your choice. Remember those amazing birthday parties/playdates where you would make ugly adorable gifts for your grandmother and have the best time doing it? (Boys probably don’t. Stupid gender normativity). There’s something to be said for having an art project which is mostly complete and you just get to add the fun finishing touches to.

You will be shocked and delighted to discover that a mere 17 minutes away is a paint-your-own-pottery store: “Art by You” at Weirdgirl Creations. I can’t even really explain why/how my roommates and I decided to experiment with an admittedly random craft project store in Barrington, RI, but I can tell you that it was such a good time and we will be heading back soon (partly because we have to go pick up our pieces which take 5-7 days, but also because it is the happiest place ever).

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Seniors: Saturday is Prom Night

The 2014 Class Board is putting on a prom, which will be in Alumnae Hall this Saturday at 9 p.m. Prom will 90s-themed, which means there will be many Clarissas and Powerpuff Girls and lots of guys in big t-shirts and pastel hoodies claiming to be extras from Saved By the Bell. The event is free and open to seniors at 9 (and the rest of undergrads after 11—Brown ID required for entry) and the Facebook invite promises a night of 90s music with two cash bars. While you could just sit in your room and watch some Johnny Bravo while streaming a 90s Pandora playlist, this is much better. But seriously, it’s “prom tonight do-do-do-doodoo” [See video above.]


Nostalgia Trip: 10 songs we should still play at parties

As a culture, we are obsessed with throwbacks. From #tbt to the influx of 18-30 year olds wearing Buddy Holly glasses, we can’t get enough of the past. Why then, I ask, have we forgotten about the most influential era of music—the early naughts? I propose a revolution. No longer shall we dance to Miley and Avicii in frat basements. Here are ten forgotten but incredible party songs that we should be jamming out to at parties (and alone in our rooms) instead.

1. Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’)

Although everyone’s favorite semi-obese R&B/rap/pop/garbage artist is now less than relevant, there was a time when T-Pain ruled the world. This song brings me back to the days of bar and bat mitzvahs—and has the secret power of making even the nerdiest Jewish boys pop and lock it on the dancefloor. And T-Pain autotuned before it was cool. So thanks, T. For everything. Continue Reading