Turkey Day Q&A

Sometimes it seems like all it takes are twenty-something years, a real-world job and a couple of kids of their own to make adults forget what it’s like to be in college.  While your parents and siblings might come to College Hill for Family Weekend, Thanksgiving is when many of us get to see everyone else — aunts, uncles, uncle-fathers, cousins, grandparents, family friends, half-sibling’s-uncle’s-brother’s-wives and the like.  Your relatives are bound to be curious about your life, but sometimes their questions go a little too far.  Here’s how to field the dinner-table inquiries that leave you at a loss for words.

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The Herald’s Senior Survey


As graduation looms nearer and nearer (ahhhhhhhhhh!), it’s time to tell us how you really feel about your four years at Brown.

Ever wonder how many of your classmates have done the SciLi Challenge? How many sexual partners everyone has had? Would you still choose Brown today? What is your favorite Brown memory?

Answer these questions and more in The Brown Daily Herald’s Senior Survey, now on MyCourses! The survey is completely anonymous.

Results will be printed in The Herald’s Commencement Magazine, available on newsstands and at browndailyherald.com during Senior Week.