An interview with @GuyInYourMFA

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Since discovering the twitter @GuyInYourMFA, we over here at BlogDH have not been able to stop reading his all-too-familiar tweets. Those of you who aren’t up on your novel Twitter account game may be wondering who the heck this guy even is. But his 10.4K followers (the last time we checked), who include heavy hitters Michael Agger, Susan Orlean, and Mara Wilson, have come to know him as the pretentious, literary douchebag we all love to hate. So, naturally, when we found out he went to Brown, we began our quest to get a hold of him. After searching long and hard, we finally found this infamous guy in your MFA and asked him a few questions to help us better understand his complex mind.

BlogDH: Are you working on anything right now? 

@GuyInYourMFA: I’m working on a 400-thousand word manifesto on all the ways my parents failed me by not raising me in a creative environment.

BlogDH: What do you think is the hardest part of being a straight, white male in America? 

@GuyInYourMFA: Don’t get me started. It’s pretty hard to find a voice nowadays. I think that consumerism has really corrupted what it means to be an American. Back in the forties when we went to war, the draft really shaped a generation. Now, we’ve been lost. iPhones, computers…what is our generation, even? These are the types of questions we should be asking. That’s what I seek to do with my writing.

BlogDH: What exactly do you think it is that our generation is missing? 

@GuyInYourMFA: Typewriters, mostly. Nothing ruins writing more than doing it on a computer. That’s why I type all my tweets on a typewriter and send them off to a friend to upload to the internet. I don’t really understand the internet, I think it’s a distraction from real literature.

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