For Love or Money?

Good news for all you romantics out there! The New York Times is hosting its second Modern Love college essay contest, which means it wants to give you $1000 big ones for your take on what the four-letter-word means to our generation. The editor of the column had this to say about the last contest, in 2008:

When the contest deadline passed seven weeks later, more than 1,200 essays had arrived, from 365 schools in 46 states and Puerto Rico. In perhaps typical collegiate fashion, nearly 700 poured in on the last day, 400 over the final hour. Continue Reading

Students who do cool things: The puzzlers strike again

Courtesy of the New York Times

Yet another article appeared today in the New York Times about–you guessed it–Brown’s Puzzling Association.  The organization–which had crosswords written by six of its members featured in the Times’ Brown Crossword Week last September–discusses the art of puzzle-constructing and the culture that has been built around writing and solving crosswords.  Check out the full text of the article here.

Freshmen through the years

As much as our parents can relate to our freshmen experience– we have all tasted questionable cafeteria food, burned the midnight oil at the library, and attended sketchy frat parties– our experiences also diverge. The NYT recently opened an online debate about changing nature of freshmen year.

Join in the conversation!

The New York Times invites you to get arrested for underage drinking, basically

The NYTimes’ college sports blog requests photos from your tailgates and football-related parties. Though they acknowledge that large state schools will be the biggest contributors, “we hope to hear from Ivy Leaguers and small schools, too.” Be careful though kids: while DPS never seems bothered by your red cups, readers of the New York Times might be — especially when those readers are your teachers and parents.

No boyfriends, and no laptops

In a NY Times column aimed at college freshmen, advice is dispensed “from the people who actually grade their papers and lead their discussions.” TAs from across the country unite to tell you what you need to hear.

  • Do brush up on your cultural literacy. “Don’t know what classical music is all about? That’s bad. Don’t know who Lady Gaga is? That’s worse.”
  • Don’t bring your computer to class. “You’re a student, not a court reporter.”
  • Do start fresh. Still dating your high school significant other? “Break up.”
  • Don’t settle for more of the same. “Date someone of a different race or religion. (And no, hooking up at a party doesn’t count.)”
  • Do calm the hell down. “Be comfortable with the fact that you don’t know anything.”

Critics Review Brown Crossword Week

Batter up!

The crossword blogosphere was abuzz this week about the NYT Brown Crossword week. As Wordplay showed, crosswords are no joke. A poorly worded clue or a strange reference can bring an unwitting puzzle constructor a shower of haterade from the World Wide Web. On the other hand, an elegant, well-designed puzzle can bring eternal glory and bragging rights.

What did they have to say?   Continue Reading