Obsidian: An interview with the new magazine’s creators

Described by the creators as “a new online literary and visual space to showcase the creativity and experiences of people of the African diaspora specifically at Brown,” Brown’s Obsidian Magazine launches on today at 7:00 p.m. The launch will include five or six submissions on their website. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. They are looking for both fiction and non-fiction, cultural analysis, thoughts on current events, photography, video, audio. As co-creator Paige Morris ’16 put it, “Any way a person can think of expressing a thought they have related to black identities.”


With the launch around the corner, BlogDH sat down the Maya Finoh ’17, Morris and Jasmin Jones ’17, Obsidian’s creators and editors, to discuss their goals for the Brown’s newest publication.  

BlogDH: What inspired you to start Obsidian?

Maya: Coming to Brown, I didn’t really feel there was any literary space for people of the African diaspora, a specific space that’s safe and intersectional and open. I was like, let’s do this. If no one else is going to do it, we will.

Paige: I’m a sophomore, so as long as I’ve been here, I definitely haven’t seen a literary presence on campus for black students in particular. I know before I came here there was the African Sun, which is not really a thing anymore. I think our mission was not just to resurrect that space; it was also to create our own, new space that is dealing with all facets of the black identity.

Jasmin: My main concern is black femininity and black women. I think the voices of black women aren’t really recognized a lot on Brown’s campus, or anywhere for that matter, so I thought Obsidian would be a great outlet for that flow through.

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