Time-waster of the day + Alums who do cool things: February 10, 2012

We feel like we’ve been setting up a Time-waster/Alums-who-do-cool-things binary, so to de-problematize that, we’re giving you some audiovisual, Brunonia-reppin’ magic. Now that it’s topped 10 million views on YouTube, we figured it’s high time we post OK Go’s latest insane music video, “Needing/Getting.”  Lead singer Damian Kulash ’98 (Art-Semiotics anyone?) apparently learned how to stunt drive just to shoot this thing, which took four months of prep in the California desert, with help from Chevrolet’s Super Bowl commercial budget.

Hmm… hold on… Four months of work, funding from a parent organization, a ridiculous premise — it appears as though Kulash and the boys got Chevy and 10 million YouTubers to help them complete a GISP. Real World: Brown edition.

Time-waster of the day: February 2, 2012

Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil (“the seer of seers, the prognosticator of all prognosticators”) saw his shadow this morning, which supposedly means six more weeks of winter for the rest of us. Boo! How depressing. But you can cheer yourself up with this charming and highly informational OK Go music video, featured on Sesame Street. Red and yellow make orange! Red and yellow make orange!

OK Go, Neon Trees thrill Lupo’s concertgoers

OK Go (The one that went to Brown is on the right)

Rising pop-rock icon OK Go, cutting-edge eclectic foursome Neon Trees and Rhode Island-based BRU favorite Fairhaven opened the WBRU Dunkin’ Donuts Holiday BRU-haha at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel on Friday.

The atmosphere was suspenseful — the merchandise desk was aggressively handing out 3D glasses in preparation for OK Go, whose performances are known to be (sometimes absurdly) experimental — as the opening act took the stage. Fairhaven demonstrated a standard indie rock aesthetic, broken up by a percussion-heavy interlude. At times, the self-described melodic alt rock band sounds slightly like a boy band, but subtly enough to be taken seriously. Lead singer Alan Connell’s voice has hints of Incubus’ Brandon Boyd in some numbers, such as the particularly infectious single “Worth it All.” The members are also gracious, taking time after the show to chat with fans before heading off with OK Go. Fairhaven’s potential has proven high enough catapult them out of their Cumberland, RI hometown. Continue Reading

New OK Go video uses a lot of toast

Rock band OK Go, led by front-man Damian Kulash (’98), released yet another spectacular music video, this time for their track “Last Leaf.”  Instead of using treadmills or dogs or whatever this is, the group opted for a more delicious material: a truly absurd amount of toast.

Thanks to Ellen for the tip.  We all miss you.

Kulash ’98 and OK Go in Billboard Magazine

After jump-starting their career with a Herald interview in February, frontman Damian Kulash ’98 and OK Go are in the news yet again — this time on the front cover of Billboard magazine.

OK Go were featured for their recent decision to leave EMI and form their own label.

“We just sort of figure that if we put out a big ball of creative ideas, one of them’s going to spit back some money,” Kulash told Billboard.

Here again, in case you aren’t one of the 10 million viewers, is the latest music video from the band famous for their music videos.

OK Goldberg

We don’t know if Damian Kulash ’98 spent a lot of time in Barus and Holley in between MCM classes, but the new OK Go video sure is impressive. The group’s new song “This Too Shall Pass” features various Rube Goldberg machines. Kulash was so concerned about mass Web distribution of the video that he took to the New York Times for help. Apparently, Bono isn’t the only rockstar who can write op-eds about global concerns.