Comedy Conference coming to Brown this weekend


It is a truth universally acknowledged that the week after spring break is one of the most difficult to get through. With its lingering hangovers, worsening skin-peeling, and crippling regret that you finished A Song of Ice and Fire instead of opening your Orgo textbook, this week tends to require of a healthy dose of late-night SciLife. Thankfully, Brown’s community of hilarious humans feels our collective pain and is putting on The First Annual Brown University Comedy Conference this weekend in Granoff!

The conference is free and features performances by numerous collegiate comedy groups (Brown and other), a panel on “breaking into the comedy business” and some rather remarkable headliners, including Hannibal Buress and The Chris Gethhard Show. For the full schedule, as well as more information about the weekend, please either check out the conference’s website or the event poster after the jump. Continue Reading

Humans of Out Of Bounds

In honor of Out of Bounds’ show this weekend, we figured we would check out what some of the Humans that reside somewhere inside OOB members’ heads were up to. Be sure to hit up “Out of Bounds Pro Skater 3” this Saturday night at 8 in MacMillan 117 (you’ll be out in time for Gala!).



“My man. I did my time, I learned my lessons, I made peace with Western Europe.”

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Out of Bounds presents “King of the Friend Zone”

Did you miss Out of Bounds’ March Salomadness show last Saturday night? Don’t fret — OOB has taken their jocularity to the interwebz to effectively quell your FOMO.

“King of the Friend Zone” is an original OOB video that premiered to a packed Salomon DECI at Saturday night’s show. These “kings” rap about their confinement in the friend zone — they’re “like your dad, but around, and [they] pay on separate checks” — and sarcastically give some rules (2 & 4 are “utterly imperative”) to guarantee that things stay platonic; there’s no shattering this glass ceiling. Also, things get real at the Underground.

Top 5: Out of Bounds sketches

In honor of the Out of Bounds show in Salomon tonight, we thought we’d bring you a rundown of our five favorite skits from the past few years:

The Hendersons

This is live sketch comedy at its craziest. Literally two people are in one shirt and one pair of pants saying the most vulgar things of all time. It would be great if this were biologically possible.

SciLi State of Mind

This was my first exposure to Out of Bounds. Their first music video became a “thing” in the realest sense of this made-up term, and it’s still awesome. Continue Reading

Web Civ: The ‘Call Me Maybe’ Revolution

Last year, the wave of democratic revolutionary uprisings in the Middle East known as the Arab Spring warranted worldwide attention. This spring, it’s a Canadian pop song that’s taking the world by storm. Basically the same thing, right?

The last time you and your friends danced around your kitchen to a pop song and recorded it on iMovie, you were either 1) in 7th grade, or 2) older, but too embarrassed to admit it. Leave it to Selena Gomez and J. Biebs to make the seemingly bizarre socially acceptable.

The power couple and some of their less famous friends (e.g., Ashley Tisdale, Carlos Pena of Big Time Rush) were all hanging out in their sweatpants, hoodies, and mustache glasses when they decided to record a video breaking it down to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” and post it to YouTube. Since this video was posted in February, it has gotten close to 20 million views (Jepsen’s original music video has only 1.6 million views!), while “Call Me Maybe” currently holds the ninth spot on iTunes’ “Top Songs” list under “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele. That’s some high praise. Implications and impacts of the “Call Me Maybe” Revolution after the jump.

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Time-waster of the day: November 1, 2011

Today, we bring you a new video from Brown sketch comedy group Out Of Bounds. The short, which premiered during their show this past weekend, will surely make you think twice before buying something from companies that abuse Jewish labor (Jewish labor, Jewish labor).