Cash for books: What is my textbook worth?

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It’s the end of the semester, and with all the work of finals period, few of us have time to consider the logistics of where to buy storage boxes or how best to get rid of our no-longer-needed textbooks. Enter Founded by two 2012 college grads, the website lets you search for your book and will compare offers from Amazon, Chegg, ValoreBooks, Cash4Books, and other sites, as well as allowing you to list your books on its free exchange. The goal is help you get the most $$$ for your beloved (or potentially unused) books that are now ready to find a new home.

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BlogDH Explains Orientation: The Dos and Don’ts of Freshman Packing

We just want you to know that right now is the most exciting moment of your entire life! I mean, this is the type of thing you’d think in a million, billion years is never gonna to happen to you… and even when it does, you still can’t believe it: you’re at orientation. At college, at Brown University. Freshmen, meet BlogDailyHerald. We’ll explain it all.

We all move into our freshman year differently. Maybe you’ve been coordinating a color palate with your roommate, and maybe this is the first time you heard about move-in day. Either way, you probably have some questions. Yeah, there are obviously the essentials — deodorant, socks, and that obligatory college poster — but BlogDH is here to help with those finer details of packing. We hit you with some ideas last year, but after another year of college living, and several more “I wish I hadn’t packed my rice cooker”s, we’ve amended the list so that you’ll never be without your fracket.

Do: Bring Tide to Go. BBQ sauce, beer, blood—you will encounter all of these stains your first semester (maybe even all at once!). You’ll want this to erase what denial and untagging photos on Facebook can’t.

Don’t: Bring cooking supplies. First, I will steal them from you, because I’m still damn bitter you guys get the shiny new kitchens. Second, unless you really, really want to cook, there’s no way you’re going to be making anything practical or worthwhile while in the dorms. Let’s face it—they’re going to be broken in (emphasis on broken) via the drank in your red solo cups. Continue Reading

Blog’s Declassified Frosh Survival Guide: Packing

Ah, the joys of moving into college. The awkward car ride with your parents, the anxiety about orientation, and, of course, the sudden realization that you forgot to bring your toothbrush. Fear not — BlogDH is here to help you remember to bring the necessities and leave behind the inessentials. And no, not all of them are as obvious as you’d think.

Things you (almost) forgot to pack

1. A fan: One of the less-talked-about disadvantages of going to a school in New England is that your room will always be sweltering during the first and last three weeks of school. If you’re a first year who’s just now learning that Brown dorms lack air conditioning (and, for that matter, adequate central heating), sorry. If you’re starting to get a little nervous, don’t worry too much. This certainly won’t be the last time you’ll be getting this feeling (you know, the I-think-my-conniving-tour-guide-intentionally-screwed-me-over one). We promise we’ll make it up to you.   Continue Reading