BlogDH Explains Orientation: Paxson welcomes you to her domain

Now THAT is a scarf.

Every castle must have its king (or queen…or phetriarch…) and Brown, despite its loyalty to free thought and vegan activism, subscribes to that rule.  As the first class to begin Brown in a Ruth-less environment, a key part of your orientation is understanding who will serve as your very own Chancellor Palpatine (we’re talking pre-Naboo crisis Palpatine) throughout the next years of your lives.

With this in mind, do not miss the first freshman address tomorrow afternoon from Christina Paxson, Brown’s newly-appointed 19th president, author of a questionably hilarious study on height, and owner of a kickass shirt design. She’ll be addressing the whole university on Wednesday, but you get VIP access to her at 2 p.m. on the Main Green, during what will hopefully be a classic Rhode Island Sunday afternoon. Do yourself a favor and take a break from comparing Parisian travel plans and SAT Subject Test scores with that guy from Harvard-Westlake and open your ears to a new voice. Will her remarks stray too far from the template set by every university leader throughout recorded history? Probably not. Will she pander to you with some empty-chair performance art? Hopefully. At the very least, consider this: it’s a bonding moment. You’re brand new, she’s brand new. D’awwww.

President-elect Paxson: Here is your complimentary t-shirt design

Now available as bro tanks

As our soon-to-be President ushers in an era of joy and prosperity (and hopefully some sweet rave parties), we at BlogDailyHerald think it’s only fitting that she get the same t-shirt treatment that Ruth Simmons did. In the spirit of hope and cooperation, and the desire to get some pressure put on the Ratty to shelve corn muffins forever, we offer you something that will make the guys at Threadless go crazy.  Feel free to use it in future campaign slogans (but tell ’em BlogDH sent ya).