Brown After Hours: Thinking Spaces

Suppose you live in Grad Center (or some other sterling example of 70’s architecture), and suppose you don’t want to spend all your weekday nights in your room. Or perhaps you have a roommate, and they’ve sexiled you, and you want to brood. Or maybe you just want a place to get some thinking done by yourself. College is a community experience, but it’s good to get some time to relax and think all by your lonesome.

You might think that your options for where to hang out on campus are limited after about 8 p.m. There’s Faunce, but it’s fairly busy, and lacks an atmosphere of privacy. You can go to the Rock, but unless you, like me, have a bizarre love for the Level B stacks, you won’t get the solitude you’re craving. You could go to the SciLi, but why move from one hideous building to another? Fortunately, there remain a number of great places to get work done or sit and relax in peace and quiet by yourself. Some of them are not always open, and others might require you to be in the building before the doors get locked, but each of them is a relaxing environment that will contain few, if any people.

1. The Meditation Room

On the 4th floor of J. Walter Wilson is a small room for meditation and prayer, perhaps 8 by 15 feet. It has a sign on the door that you can use to tell people not to bother you, and has a variety of religious items, if that’s your thing. The most important thing about the Meditation Room is that JWW is open at strange hours in the night. The 4th floor isn’t always reachable, but if you’re lucky maybe one of the maintenance people will let you in. Think away, fledgling monk.


Regrettably, the Meditation Room lacks a waterfall. 

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