12 days of Spring Weekend: What Cheer? Brigade


The 19 piece brass band, What Cheer? Brigade, has been a staple for the Spring Weekend line up since 2012. They aren’t a big name, and some might think, due to their early slot, skipping their show isn’t a big deal. WRONG. What Cheer? is not optional! They are the bees’ knees, the ducks’ intestines, and we are excited as hell for them to come play. If you want to read more about their sound, check out last year’s hype post for the returning champs (and dead chimps). For 2015, we’re going to skip all of the pleasantries. Instead of trying to put a typical performance into words, here is a collection of photos from the 2014 “Find Your Friends” album. We’d like to show you just how good a time we had below the jump.  Continue Reading

Brrrrrown: Natural ice

Snowpocalpyse, snowmaggedon, whatever you want to call it: it’s easy enough to be completely done with the snow around campus. Other than frostbite, salt sand-stained boots, and one yet-to-be-lost glove, the snow has left us with at least some sort of benefit: really cool ice.

Now, if you’re like me, you love a good icicle: translucent, sleek, and aesthetically-pleasing all around. And Brown has been #blessed with plenty of snow and ice formations recently.

They range from the quaint:


Look, it’s like a little hat.

To the intense:


Actual depiction of the Cold Miser’s sneeze.

To small, snow-covered portions of campus:

Well, anything to keep me out of the SciLi.

Well, anything to keep me out of the SciLi.

To vast stretches of campus:


Main Green, white, at Brown.

Not to mention that the snow and ice hit up some off-campus spots and decked them out pretty well too:


Waterfire, tonight at 9pm.

Like the RISD Museum entrance:

"I.C.E.": the ephemeral and (hopefully) temporary art installation now on display in the outer gallery.

“I.C.E.”: the ephemeral and (hopefully) temporary art installation now on display in the outer gallery.

The weather’s even caught the attention of those living way down the hill:

A cause we can all get behind.

A cause we can all get behind.

It especially looks sweet at night:

Something at Jo's to look at intently while eating a spicy with.

Something at Jo’s to look at intently while eating a spicy with.

And, lastly, my everyone’s favorite campus icicles:

Smitty B, or Santa's Workshop?

Smitty B or Santa’s Workshop?

So, if your parents, friends, and clingy high school acquaintances keep asking, “How’s the weather up there?” just direct them to these beautiful pictures. Nothing will make that ex who goes to Stanford more jealous.

Images via Kenji Endo, Edith Young, Julia Elia, and Caitlin Dorman.

12 Days of Spring Weekend: FIND YOUR FRIENDS!


We know you can’t get enough of Spring Weekend. The shift back to reality is always tough, but fear not – Blog is here to help. Want to try to piece together relive the last three days? Check out our Spring Weekend 2014 Facebook album here, and find your friends! Tag, laugh, cry, and reminisce on the weekend together.