A Valentine’s Day guide to concentration-oriented pick-up lines

We’ve all been there. You’re at a rollicking social event, a certain special someone catches your eye, and you want to make a lasting connection — but you’ve exhausted the standard name/grade/concentration introductory trifecta. Where to move from there, with Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching on the calendar?

Thankfully, elaborating upon the diverse array of concentrations offered here at Brown University is perfect for taking the conversation one step forward. Pretend like you actually know a thing or two about their field of study and woo the person of your choice just in time for February 14th with this collection of romantic, concentration-oriented phrases:



He/she/phe says: “I’m concentrating in Chemistry.”

You say: “Interesting. Tell me, are you sensing any chemistry right now?”


peter green

He/she/phe says: “Oh, I concentrate in History.”

You say: “History? Sounds like my ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend. Speaking of which, are you single?”

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