Playlistology: Halloweek Edition

Brace yourselves, Brunonia: Halloweekend is fast approaching. That means it’s time to stop planning and start partying. We’ve already helped out you Halloween party throwers and goers quite a bit, but so far one thing has been missing: da muzik. It’s what makes or breaks any party, and Halloween bashes are no exception. Here’s a rock-steady playlist of spooky classics that you’re sure to hear a lot of this weekend.


Ahh, Ghostbusters. The timeless flick that produced a classic costume choice and an even more classic song. If you’re like me and haven’t given the theme a good listen in a while, you’ll be surprised at its danceability. Even Ol’ Billy could get down to this one.  Continue Reading

Nostalgia Trip: Rap of Our Tweenhood

Remember middle school dances? The ones where no one really knew how to grind yet and just kinda danced around in circles? We were young, naïve, and just wanted to have a good time, albeit an awkward time. We were tweens. Maybe it’s because college makes me feel old, but recently I’ve been remembering those middle school days and rediscovering some of the great/funny rap songs of not-so-long ago. Here are a few helpful suggestions for some classic pre-game music this weekend. Enjoy the nostalgia and the ridiculous music videos.

Jagged Edge feat Nelly “Where the Party At”

Don’t you just wish you could parachute yourself onto a beach resort sometimes? Where is that Bacardi anyway?  Continue Reading

Playlistology: Top 5 songs for post-break crash

Oh, the treacherous return to productivity after a week of couch-surfing, Top Chef marathons, and various forms of inebriation. For many of us, being greeted by the combination of responsibilities and a snowy spring will inevitably result in procrastination, laziness, and one-too-many hours spent on To celebrate this week-long period of lethargy, we present a playlist of songs that are a perfect backdrop to all your dawdling endeavors.

5. The Importance of Being Idle- Oasis: Take a cue from these Manchester rockers and say a big “F- you” to it all (accompanied by an emotive guitar track, of course).

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Playlistology: Top 5 Worst Songs for Spring Break Celebrations

With break just a week away, the promise of warmer weather and endless hours of catch-up sleep seems like the light at the end of today’s snowy/spring tunnel. But before you start stocking up on your sunscreen and cheap booze, it’s necessary to prepare the most essential part of party-time: the celebration playlist. To help you get off on the right musical foot, we present a list of mood-killing songs that should be avoided for any and all festivities.

5. Wild Horses- Susan Boyle

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Playlistology: Top 5 Coachella Casualties

With all the recent leaks and announcements, Brown has been buzzing over our Spring Weekend headliners. Yet, what’s been getting arguably more attention in the past few months is who isn’t coming to campus. The main culprit in this sonic scarcity? California’s Coachella Festival which, this year, is taking place at the same time as Spring Weekend. To account for our losses, we’ve compiled a list of the artists we’re most sad to have lost to the Coachella sunshine.

5. Sleigh Bells:

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