Nostaglia Trip: Approval Matrix

I love Avatar. No, not blue Dance with Wolves. I mean the one with the little bald kid and the magic martial arts and the all-around baddassery. Fine, yes, the kids show. But you know what? I’m okay with that. While my friends are discussing the finer points of Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones, I will unabashedly fanboy all over the finer points of Zuko’s story line and debate you about the superior bending forms.

But I’m not alone. Nostalgia is the Millenial battle-cry. Comic books are made cool by the big screen, I have literally spent nights playing Pokemon with my suitmates, and I can walk into any frat and throwdown for Super Smash Brothers (Zero-Suit Samus, whaddup?).

So to help you navigate the various ways to release your inner child, we at BlogDH have scientifically measured and analyzed the various forms of nostalgia.

(BlogDH) Nostalgia Matrix

Our Pic(k)s: The (short) week that felt abnormally long

College Hill’s very own Mystery Machine

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Ruining your childhood: PETA’s Pokemon game

I was into Pokemon as a kid. Not plays-the-card-game obsessed, but knows-that-you-need-a-flute-to-wake-up-Snorlax obsessed. So when I heard about/played PETA’s new “Black and Blue” Pokemon game, 8-year-old Lily cried big, fat Togepi tears. I understand animal cruelty is a serious problem. I’ve seen the Sarah McLachlan commercials, and felt bad for hours afterward. But PETA clearly doesn’t remember Ash Ketchum and Pikachu’s BEAUTIFUL friendship. Look at this hug:

And don’t tell me that Meowth wasn’t an important and legitimate member of Team Rocket because then I’ll have to hit you upside the head. Perhaps, especially at navel-gazing liberal arts colleges, it is our job to examine the implications contained within the fantasy worlds we idealized as children. Or we can we just continue to love the ridiculousness of Pokemon and hate on PETA. That seems easier.

Love, Hate, Concerts & Nudity: BlogDH’s 10 most read posts in 2011

Happy New Year!  To bid adieu to the year that was, we are recapping the most read BlogDailyHerald articles of 2011:

10: Students who do cool things: The igloo on the Main Green

Remember Snowpocalypse 2011?  This crew of (then) Sophomores responded to the silly amount of snow by constructing and sleeping in an igloo on the Main Green.

9: Carrie Bradshaw, Brown’s latest fictional alum

Candace Bushnell, author of Sex and the City, released Summer and the City: A Carrie Diaries Novel as part of her young adult series. In the book, which follows the Sex and the City characters as teenagers, Bushnell revealed that the series’ lead mare character spent her college years at Brown!

8: BREAKING: Rest of the Spring Weekend Line-up Announced

After BlogDH broke the news that Diddy and TV on the Radio would be the two headlining acts for Spring Weekend ’11, we came back a week later with the rest of the line-up.  For those of you who were either not here (froshies) or casually too drunk to actually remember any of the concerts, here’s a brief rundown of the supporting acts: Das Racist was Das Wasted, Lee Fields wore a fantastic green suit, Rebirth got the ice rink dancing, Lissy Trullie didn’t even show up, and Nico Jaar ’12 was great for the 17 people who actually got there early enough.  Continue Reading

Students who do cool things: Pokémon Brown University

If you’re short on Magic School Bus clips to feed your nostalgia trips, “Pokémon: Brown University” is here to bring you back to days of VHS tapes and Lunchables. After all, you’re never too old for Pokémon, especially if it comes with a unhealthy dose of school love.

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A Thousand Words: Pikachu was caught!

(Source: Ivygate– Yes, we read Ivygate sometimes.)