Queer Alliance and Black Student Union Party: m.A.A.d. City

It's time to rage

It’s time to rage

Brunonians, the time has come to party non-stop. This Saturday, Queer Alliance and Black Student Union are teaming up to provide an awesome campus party.

How did this match made in heaven occur you might ask? Queer Alliance, the student group that annually brings us Pride Prom, The Brown/RISD Drag Show, and, obviously, SPG, were signed up to host a party during Spring Weekend. BSU had a similar interest and in a stroke of genius contacted QA for a collaboration. Both groups have been very eager to coordinate with other student groups on campus, and with a joint agenda of making this campus more QPOC- (Queer People of Color) friendly, this party is the perfect opportunity.

This event has a noble backstory, but let’s not forget that on top of their beautiful intentions, this party will be a rager. Get ready to dance your ass off to their DJ side by side with the POLER BEARS (they booked ten!) We can’t think of a better way to follow up Fratty at the Ratty.

The party will take place at Andrews Dining Hall from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. The capacity is 600 and they are rapidly approaching said limit, so get your tickets now! They’re available until Thursday and reservations can be made here with cash given at specified times in Faunce. Like SPG, Brown students are allowed to purchase a ticket for one guest as well. Also, like for SPG, there will be lines, so you may want to think about getting there early.

Check the Facebook event here and be expecting more exciting collaborative efforts from QA and BSU in the future.

Student group spotlight: Poler Bears

Meet the very first pole dancing team in the Ivy League! Since arriving to the clubbin’ scene in 2006, the Poler Bears have grown into a team of over 20 students with four corporate sponsors. This fall, 100 students (!) tried out for the team. Quickly gaining momentum, the Poler Bears have made great strides on campus, trying to eliminate the stigma, address the preconceived notions, and create a discussion around pole dancing, all while promoting self-expression among students. Ten things you should know about the Poler Bears and pole dancing after the jump. Continue Reading