Students Who Do Cool Things: Julie Christian, policewoman extraordinaire

Julie Christian is full of unlikely combinations. She can look you in the face with utmost humble sincerity and say, “I am so proud to wear a uniform.” Her favorite part of being a police officer is “witnessing the positive impact one can make in every event or call.” Julie is 49 years old. Oh, yeah, and don’t let me forget to mention—she’s a student at Brown.

Julie is able to study at Brown through the Resumed Undergraduate Education (RUE) program, which admits a small number of students who have been out of high school for six years or more and are looking to complete or begin a college education.

Clearly, Julie is a bit more than six years out of high school. In the time that elapsed between then and now, a lot’s happened that made her into who she is today: a police officer, police dispatcher, Eucharistic Minister, mother, and a Brown University first-year.

You might be shocked that someone so prim and put-together is a policewoman on the side. You might be shocked that this ex-stay-at-home-mom is a college student. You will be even more shocked to know that all of this—returning to school, becoming a policewoman—has only happened in the last three years of Julie’s life.


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When partying hard gets pricey

Earlier in the year, off-campus students were warned to keep parties legal and to keep the noise and the number of people down after the ProPo saw a rise in the number of noise complaints and consequently had to break up more parties.

Too bad the same advice wasn’t given to three students of University of Wisconsin-Madison who were fined $86,000 for throwing quite the wild party. Apparently, the students, who hosted the party at their off-campus house last month, had over 200 people in their basement (a serious fire hazard). And, to no one’s surprise, they were also selling alcohol. The housemates racked up an impressive 130 citations, which led to the hefty fine. One of the fined students, Kevin Tracy, said he thought the fine was  “a joke — $30,000 for having one party, each? That’s obnoxious. I have less than $100 in my bank account. We’re college kids.” Now they are still college kids — with a lot of debt and some (hopefully) good party memories.

Bates party takes bloody turn

Students at Bates, the liberal arts college in a quiet town in Maine, got excessively rowdy at a party last night, according to the Sun Journal.

Police were called in from neighboring districts, and several people were taken away in ambulances.

Let’s hope Campus Dance doesn’t end with quite this much excitement.