Here’s your Fall 2014 Brown Lecture Board speaker poll

We interrupt your summer recess for an important announcement: Brown Lecture Board has opened its speaker poll for Fall 2014! Mindy Kaling and Sir Ian McKellen, popular former bids, are joined by newcomers Kevin Spacey, Toni Morrison, and Jane Goodall.

Kaling is a prominent comedian on her show The Mindy Project and was on The Office. McKellen was nominated for two Oscars and has also been immortalized as Gandalf in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, Magneto in X-Men, and this. Kevin Spacey stars in the Netflix political thriller House of Cards as the pure evil cunning Frank Underwood. Morrison is a universally acclaimed author and Pulitzer Prize winner. Her novel Beloved is a favorite of Professor Arnold Weinstein in the comp lit department. Finally, Goodall is famous as both a scientist and a humanitarian and is considered “the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees.”

The poll (found here) is complete with mini-bios for each speaker, and BLB really hopes that students will take the time to make an educated decision. Of course, we at BlogDH promise to keep you informed about all of the candidates as well. Let WWIII commence amongst our staff writers.

An important note: Remember that when you invite actors, you aren’t actually inviting their characters. Ian Mckellen cannot tell you what happens after the last of the elves sailed to Valinor, and as much as we would to love to see Wendy Schiller front and center in Salomon 101, this question is probably inappropriate for Kevin Spacey:


From BlogDH’s Facebook group. Nobody’s perfect.

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HuffPo Poll: Brown makes hottest college list

Aw yeah. Huffington Post showed College Hill some love today, publishing Brown on the list of Hottest Colleges in the Nation.

Unfortunately it wasn’t a list of sexiest colleges (I don’t know what their polling methods were, but we are not less attractive than Princeton, thank you very much). Instead, in the words of Inside College, we’re “the place to be.”

I’m not quite sure what that means exactly, but hey, who am I to question their “panel of experts”? Go Bruno!

HuffPo Poll: Brown Most Intellectual School (Still can’t pass orgo)

Really? Of all the scenic places on campus, you chose the medical buildings?

Somewhere between our nonstop discussions of sex, debates between V-Dub or Ratty and complaining about orgo, we Brown students are actually intellectual. At least, that’s according to a poll by Unigo published on Huffington Post.

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Don’t miss the Herald poll results!

The Herald's fall 2011 undergraduate survey

Every semester, The Herald conducts a survey of the undergraduate student body on a number of issues. Some questions, such as approval of Ruth Simmons and UCS, frequently appear on the poll, while many of the others change each semester. This semester’s poll asked:

  • Whether or not students would consider joining an ROTC program, at Brown or another school
  • How many sexual partners students have had so far this semester
  • What students think of their class sizes
  • What students think of the number of admissions spots that are reserved for athletic recruits
  • How well students think Ruth Simmons and UCS are doing their jobs
  • How satisfied or dissatisfied students are with academic advising
  • How students see their families’ wealth compared to that of the “average Brown student”
  • How confident students are in getting a desirable job after graduation
  • What electronic devices students own

Check out the article with the full results here! (Disclaimer: I wrote the article.)

Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be publishing a series of articles, each of which goes into depth about one specific poll question. More reasons to read The Herald every day!

What are your spring break plans?

In case you aren’t sick of people asking  — and we hope you aren’t, because spring break is fun — BlogDailyHerald wants to know your spring break plans. Direct your attention to the right and vote in our poll.

(210 people voted in our last poll, when we asked who you were most excited to see play Spring Weekend. 50 percent chose MGMT, 23 percent voted for Snoop Dogg, while 13, 10 and 4 percent went for Major Lazer, the Black Keys and Wale, in that order.)

Who are you most excited to see play Spring Weekend?

Snoop Dogg, MGMT, the Black Keys, Major Lazer and Wale are all playing Spring Weekend. It’s an embarrassment of riches. Who are you most excited to see? Vote in our poll (it’s over there on the right) and get ready for tickets to go on sale March 24.