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We go to a pretty amazing and interesting school, don’t we? Thinking about Brown in the same way Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein think about Portland, BlogDH is producing Brunonia, a webseries that holds a mirror up to College Hill to have a laugh about the place we call home. Check back tomorrow night to see the first episode of Brunonia right here on Blog!

10 things I learned from Fred Armisen’s visit to Providence


Last night, Fred Armisen kicked off his Portlandia national tour at The Columbus Theater on Federal Hill, taking the night off as the bandleader for Late Night with Seth Meyers. Fred will be making stops in Minneapolis and Denver, screening a new episode of Portlandia each time. In Providence, Armisen screened “Celery,” the third episode in the show’s fourth, and current, season. The episode’s main story centered on Steve Buscemi’s character attempting to make celery the next popular vegetable (like kale right now). The other sketches included a 9-1-1 call center that found beets to be the source of everyone’s emergencies and Carrie Brownstein filing for social media bankruptcy and erasing her online presence.


Fred then opened up the floor for a Q&A to an audience that could have been taken from the 90s and cast as extras in his show. Here are ten things I learned:

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Portlandia is coming to Providence


Progressivism is an important part of what defines Brown — just ask HerCampus — but it’s also incredibly easy to parody. Portlandia, the Peabody Award-winning sketch comedy series on the IFC Channel (individual skits are also on Youtube), mocks similar themes by honing in on the notoriously hippie/hipster (crunchy?) city of Portland, Oregon.

Longtime fans of the series or merely those curious about starting to watch, listen up: Fred Armisen — one of the two stars of the show — will be visiting Providence on March 12th for an advance screening of Portlandia‘s fourth season. Providence is one of three lucky cities to be chosen for the event (along with Minneapolis and Denver), which will include a question and answer session with Mr. Armisen after the screening.

If you’re interested, check out the details here. Tickets go on sale today.

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