Post- Editors’ Top 10: Blackout

In light of yesterday’s blackout, our friends at the Post- Magazine created a Top Ten list entitled, “Things to Do in a Blackout/While Blacked Out.”

Here they are:

“1. Loot the Indy

2. glow-In-The-Dark body paint

3. All those candles Reslife doesn’t know about

4. Knocking down exit signs

5. Rhythm method

6. Calling ex-girlfriends

7. Infrared Berge-watching

8. FishCo

9. ‘Who’s in my mouth’ — Marshall

10. Dirty shadow puppets.”

Love. It. But there’s still one question: what do you do if you’re blacked out during a blackout?

Post- Editors’ Top 10: Ways to balance the budget

1. Shrink Katherine Bergeron’s “bedazzle my cape” fund.

2. Downgrade the CIT’s furnished atrium from MTC Cribs-worthy to semi-luxyry.

3. Hey, let’s give List to RISD.

4. Stop funding the Indy. Lord knows they need the controversy.

5. Ruth Simmons could share some of her monies.

6. Bake(d!!) sale.

7. Fire three deans. give Alice a raise.

8. Replace omelet line with umlaut line. Bëëf Tips: It’s what’s for dinner.

9. Cut Safewalk; walk dangerously.

10. Get rid of DPS Segways, replace them with pogo sticks.

For even more snark, check out today’s Post-!

Post- Editors’ Top 10: Worst Valentine’s Dates

1. Natty in the Ratty

2. Dinner at Via Via, followed by a tour of the Narragansett River

3. Cappucinos at Roba Dolce, ice cream at Cold Stone

4. Romantic walk through Kennedy Plaza

5. Getting spotted at Brown

6. Awkward loitering at Prospect and Meeting

7. Date with Marshall

8. Berge’-watchin’

9. Getting caught in-coitus on the 13th floor of the SciLi

10.  Watch the premiere of season two of Tool Academy