Tearing down of the “Mona” mural

The ProJo posted a video of a demolition crew tearing down the old I-195 bridge on Wickenden and, in turn, destroying the “Mona” mural that always kinda smiled at us on our way to FishCo (R.I.P.).

The real value of a Brown education

Mr. Mackey / South Park

On January 19th, the ProPo arrested 22-year-old Jeffrey Martin, a local Brown alum, for running a “makeshift drug lab” in his South Providence apartment.  According to a ProJo 7 to 7 news blog update published today, Martin told the police that he had learned how to make narcotics in the courses that he took at Brown.  Unfortunately, those same courses didn’t also teach him how to adequately hide a clandestine apartment-based drug operation.  Come on BIOL1210.  Get your shit together.

Read about the full story in the Herald on Thursday.

ProPo investigate stabbing on Thayer

Thayer Street- Max Monn / Herald

The Providence police department is looking into an altercation which occurred outside Paragon Restaurant on Thayer Street last night.  According to the ProJo, the incident, which occurred just after 11 p.m., consisted of a heated argument between two men, and resulted in one man stabbing the other.  It appears as though neither party involved is in any way affiliated with Brown.

Brown celebrates Thanksgiving

Curious about what you missed during your holiday away from Brown? The ProJo can help, with a run-down of Thanksgiving festivities at Brown.

While you were chowing down, fighting with your family, or drinking heavily to forget it all, many students who did not go home for the break were partying it up with turkey and Jay-Z (music, not the man) provided by the TWC.

Although we question their selection of Boston Market as the caterer, we applaud the TWC for exposing international students to a Thanksgiving dinner. Because the V-Dub totally doesn’t do that every three weeks….


Here’s a useful tip: if you’re wanted for assault, don’t show up for sketchy invite-only movie auditions.  According to a ProJo news alert published today, state police captured 16 wanted criminals in a sting operation at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center after sending out letters to them informing them that they had been specially chosen to audition for a role in a movie.  No, seriously.  That’s what happened:

Capt. James Demers said police sent out around 1,000 letters, telling the recipients that they had been selected on the basis of age and other factors.

Only about 16 showed up, however.

Demers said most were wanted on charges of assault.  Those arrested were held in a makeshift courtroom at the center, and were to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon.

The ProJo wants you to look both ways

An editorial published in yesterday’s ProJo singled out  Brown and RISD students for their obliviousness to oncoming traffic as they cross against lights, ride bicycles the wrong direction down one-way streets, and practice general insensitivity to the world around them.  The editorial suggests that East-side residents need to “understand how hard it is to see them at night. We don’t expect these jaywalking shadows to start wearing bright yellow any time soon, but they should observe the proper times and places to cross the street.”

It also insinuates that we students are unworldly and uninformed due to our posh upbringings:

It would also be nice if students realized that the spaces they’re wandering on are public streets, not lanes on private estates (where some of these students come from).

NBD, ProJo.  But, in all seriousness, perhaps it is high time that we all did a little bit more looking and a little bit less crossing on these dangerous streets o’ Providence.